Building details
Cost Gold coins 5
Prerequisite Start of game
Icon Tree icon

The tree is the exact type of tree a lumberjack's hut or forest glassworks uses. So you could hand place trees to replenish the trees in working area. Hand placing the trees individually is more space efficient because the trees are neatly located in the center of each square. If the trees are zoned across multiple squares, they may be placed on on the edge or corner of a square, and hence are less space efficient. You may also use the 'cultivate' button for each of those buildings to replant trees, which is less space efficient, but faster.

Using this single tree building tool, you can spruce up your islands.[1] When planted, trees will quickly grow to full size within one minute. There are at least two types of trees which can be made.

Tree first

Tree when first planted

Tree full grown

Tree one minute later, fully grown

Tree small

Tree when first planted

Tree big

Tree one minute later, fully grown

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  1. German anno 1404 wiki

See alsoEdit

  • Bonus buildings other bonus ornamental structures, which also serve no function.

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