Overview Edit

The trebuchet is a regular occidental camp that can be bought in the dungeon. It is the only occidental camp with a long range strike, similar to the oriental canons. It has a decent HP (2000), but a low attack power (4). It is the only camp requiring siege weapons to be built.

Strategy Edit

The trebuchet has the advantage of having one of the highest HP's in the game, making it a late game weapon of choice, once the nobles are unlocked. It is an excellent siege camp, as it can easily take down individual turrets, gates and dungeons without getting damaged. In order to do so, one should use any regular camp, preferably a large military camp, as a decoy, to attract the fire of enemy long range buildings, so that the trebuchet remains intact. However, one must be prepared for a long siege, as the attack power of the trebuchet is very low. One should then make it inaccessible for enemy camps and protect it with small military camps or better.

Building details
Cost Gold coins 2500 War machines 20
Military budget 4
Maintenance (Inactive) Maintenance cost 40
Prerequisite Patricians 510 patricians, Keep
Relative speed
to small army (100%)
Slow (67%)
Hit points 2000
Attack power 5 x 5
Attack range 9
Cooldown (minutes) 3

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