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Difficulty levelsEdit

Anno 1404-campaign difficulty chapter7

Chapter 7 difficulty levels. Click to enlarge.

Beginning narrationEdit

"A combined effort enabled them to evade Lucius's forces. Al Zahir received the fugitives with open arms. The Grand Vizier's Palace was like paradise, yet the peace was deceiving. Lord Northburgh was still assumed lost and, in the absence of the Emperor, Lucius posed a deadly threat. So it was no surprise to anyone when, a few days later alarming news reached the Grand Vizier's Court."

Starting in-game cutsceneEdit

Grand Vizier Al Zahir has traveled deep into the Oriental territorial waters and is now convinced they are safe from Cardinal Lucius. Marie d'Artois's subject Phillipe Lamour arrives and tells you with great trepidation that Cardinal Lucius is preparing for a retaliatory strike at the homeland. Marie d'Artois asks you to inform the Emperor and returns home to face Cardinal Lucius. Grand Vizier Al Zahir suggests that you accommodate the refugees from Edenisle in one of his Bedouin settlements and that you then leave for the Emperor's sickbed.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 startcutscene-01
Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 startcutscene-02
Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 startcutscene-03
Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 startcutscene-04
Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 startcutscene-05
Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 startcutscene-06

Mission goal: The Emperor's cousinEdit

Find Lord Northburgh to be admitted to see the Emperor.


This is actually an easy chapter on a small map. This chapter focuses on building an oriental settlement and interacting with neutral powers to complete quests.

Tip: Remember to set up your tool-bars for quick access to buildings and functions like slowing down and speeding up the game.

Tip: Also remember to use hot-keys for your ships, such as Ctrl-1 for your flagship.

One first thing you can do is demolish an unnecessary oriental market building the game starts you with. For some reason, the game is keen to start you with market buildings next to marketplaces or bazaars. This isn't a good plan because houses do not require a nearby market building, and this building is also taking up space where you could be building houses.

So this oriental market building is just costing you 30 gold in maintenance and you get nothing in return. Demolish it.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 unnecessarymarketbuilding

Market building.

Tip: The final and hardest sidequest in this chapter requires you have 1,740 envoys in your city and have reached the highest diplomatic rank. Therefore, it's best to keep building and expanding your settlement as you play this chapter, even if it doesn't seem like you need to at the time. Also, do not waste your honor points on random items. Save them all up for buying diplomatic scrolls to give to Al Zahir to increase your rank.

Easy quest: Help from on highEdit

Sail your flagship to the northern island in the center of the map where the Emperor is staying. At this point you'll be given the mission objective of rescuing Northburgh and having him visit the Emperor.

Easy quest: Oriental flavourEdit

Build at least one date plantation. The game suggests building a small noria to grow dates in the desert, but you can also plant the dates in the oasis terrain on your island and not use costly norias. See the fertilities guide for more information.

Tip: Remember you don't need to build the more expensive oriental market buildings. You can build occidental market buildings instead, even on oriental islands. This is highly recommended at first, particularly on hard where tools and gold are in short supply at first.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 datefarminoasis

Date farm.

Easy quest: Searching for CluesEdit

Hildegard asks you to seek out three people in the region to ask if they know where Northburgh is.

Izmir is located on your island, so just click on his tower. Also build a road to his tower so that you'll have access to him for some later quests. You'll need to build a market building close to the tower. Again, use the cheaper occidental market building.

Sail to the northeast and click on Al Rashid's fortress once you see the island he's on.

Finally, sail to the northwest and click on Hekata's Old Tree once you see the island she's on. She'll ask for 5t milk, which starts the next quests.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 homeisland alchemiststower

Alchemist's Tower

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 northeast fortress

Assassins' Fortress

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 northwest oldtree

Old Tree

Easy quest: Fresh Goat's milkEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 goatfarminoasis

A goat milk oasis.

Al Zahir will tell you that milk comes from goat farms. Again, the quest journal says you might need a noria, but that's wrong.

Just build the goat farm on the oasis terrain, which operates at 100% fertility, which is superior to desert you make fertile using a small noria.

See the terrain guide again for details.

Easy quest: The BarterEdit

Bring Hekata 5t milk! It may be necessary to deny your nomads access to milk temporarily so you can quickly load 5t on your ship. Or you can click on your warehouse and quickly transfer the milk to your ship as it's produced before your people can swipe it. Either way works. Be sure to cancel the denial of milk after you load your 5t.

Also note, you will have to build a warehouse on Hekata's island and a road connection to your Old Tree before you can give her the milk. So be sure to also load up about 3t wood and 5t tools to build this warehouse! The game doesn't tell you this.

Easy quest: The EncryptionEdit

First, load the "Message in a bottle" item onto your ship from the warehouse on Hekata's island. Now deliver to your home warehouse. If you've already built a road to Izmir, the quest will complete upon transfer to your warehouse. Otherwise, build a road connection now.

Easy quest: The MapEdit

Before we can draw a map for the primary quest, you must acquire the proper goods. You first need indigo, which is produced from indigo farms. However, you need 295 nomads and 100 prestige (Guest of the Bedouins rank) to gain access to indigo farms. So expand your settlement by building a number of new nomad houses and buy a "Noble appreciation" item for 50 honor points (or a "Princely attention" item for 150 honor points) from Hildegard and deliver it to Al Zahir.

Tip: When you run out of tools, buy more from Al Zahir. When you run out of wood, buy more from Hildegard. Although you could build one or two lumberjack's huts in the oasis land on your island to avoid trips to Hildegard.

Once your settlement reaches Village status and you've delivered the rank item, build an indigo farm in the oasis area of your island.

The second required good is paper. Buy 5t from Al Zahir since you cannot produce it yourself.

Once you have bought 5t paper and have produced 6t indigo, you'll finish the quest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 indigofarminoasis

Indigo farm in oasis.

Easy quest: A daring PlanEdit

Load the 5t paper and 6t indigo onto your ship if it's not already and sail to the Assassins' fortress in the northeast to map the island. Now take the map to Hildegard.

Easy sidequest: News from MarieEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

Sail directly north of your main island to find Phillipe Lamour's island. Click on the warehouse and he'll ask for 20t dates and 20t milk to help supply Marie back home. Deliver said goods.

Medium sidequest: SensationalEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

Click on Izmir's tower on your home island. He'll ask for metals, specifically 10t Iron ore and 10t Gold ore. Fortunately, Hildegard sells these metals, strangely. Buy them from her and deliver them to your warehouse.

You'll be given "The Scholars' Abacus" item, which allows more nomads to ascend to envoys for a short period of time. Activate this item in your warehouse strong room when your upgrading your settlement for the following few quests.

Tip: This quest can be started a bit later, but there's a cutoff you must start it by. So to be safe don't delay and do this simple sidequest.

Medium quest: Noble KnottingEdit

Al Zahir wants your settlement to expand and for that to happen you need to provide carpets to your people. This requires indigo, which you already are producing and silk. Silk cannot be grown on your main island because it lacks adequate fertility. You'll need to settle the island to your west, which has the adequate fertility, and build a silk plantation there.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 silkislandwithoasis

West island with silk.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 silkplantationinoasis

Silk plantation on oasis land.

Tip: Whether an occidental warehouse or an oriental warehouse is built when settling a new island, depends entirely upon whether you're using an occidental or oriental ship to build the settlement. Occidental warehouses cost slightly less to build (100 less gold, 3 less tools) and have lower maintenance costs (only 10 vs 20 of the oriental). However, the oriental warehouse can store up to 80 tons of goods, whereas the occidental only stores 40 by default. Note that oriental warehouses cannot be upgraded, but occidental can which increases their storage to 60 then 80. So eventually occidental warehouses can be equal in storage capacity but they also costs significantly more resources overall to upgrade twice and the final maintenance cost is 30, instead of the static 20 the oriental costs. Bottom line: oriental warehouses are a better deal and should be used, even for the new northern islands you settle!

Now set up a new trade route shipping silk back to your main island using your idle Large Oriental trading ship.

Lastly, build a Carpet workshop on your main island.

Tip: If you consult the production chain charts, you'll see that a single carpet workshop runs at 100% with a single indigo farm and a single silk plantation. So if you wish to build another carpet workshop, which you'll need as your settlement grows, be sure to also build one more of both the indigo and silk buildings.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 newsilkroute

New silk route.

Medium quest: Volunteers please!Edit

Al Zahir wants 120 envoys to move in. Envoys are the second and final civilization class of the Orient. You need to very well satisfy all the nomad needs before they can ascend to envoys. Currently you should be almost meeting all their needs but you probably need to get a larger carpet production going. Make sure you have three complete carpet production chains up and running, so build two more silk plantations on the west island, two more indigo plantations on your main island, and two more carpet workshops on your main island.

Keep building new nomad houses. You'll need quite a few of them. Make sure your tax rate is in the green (dark or light) so that new nomads will move into your new houses.

When you hit 440 nomads, they'll now require the faith need, which starts the next two quests.

Medium quest: Oriental ArchitectureEdit

Al Zahir informs you to provide mosaic tiles to your nomads, which are also required to build the Mosque that you'll need for the next quest. Mosaic tiles require quartz and clay. Fortunately, both are available on your main island.

However, before you can build quartz quarries or clay pits, you'll also need the third Oriental diplomatic rank, "The Sheik's Ally." You'll already have this if you gave Al Zahir the 250 prestige item you got from the quest, "A daring Plan." If not, give him the item now, or buy another from Hildegard if you lost it somehow.

You previously learned to dig quartz in Chapter 5. Just build two Quartz quarries on your home settlement, one next to each of the Quartz deposits. Now build four clay pits on your island. Why four clay pits? Because a 100% efficient mosaic production chain uses two clay pits and one quartz quarry per mosaic workshop. Since we have two quartz quarries going, we need four clay pits and two mosaic workshops to be most efficient.

Tip: Clay pits can actually be built anywhere on an island with proper fertility. So build them in the desert somewhere, since the oasis lands should be saved for buildings that require it to grow crops or raise animals.

Tip: You can also buy mosaic tiles directly from Al Zahir. This allows you to build your Mosque right away. However, you still want your own production chain in order to complete this quest.

Easy quest: In the name of AllahEdit

Now you can build a Mosque, which is the final need of nomads. Build it at a place that will allow its area of influence to cover all your houses.

Medium quest: Volunteers please!Edit

Now you can finally complete this quest. If all the nomad's needs are very well satisfied and the tax rate is dark green, envoys will soon move in.

Tip: Ascending nomads also require 1t wood, 1t tools, and 4t mosaic to upgrade their home. If you run out of these supplies, nomads can't upgrade even if they are euphoric and have all their needs met.

As you continue to expand your city, keep adding new production chains to fully meet your people's needs as your population increases.

Tip: Remember to check your warehouse or market buildings from time to time to see if any goods are trending down (indicated with a red down arrow by them). If so, it's only a matter of time before you run out, which might make your people very mad if it's an essential need like dates. Be proactive to avoid revolts and lost tax revenue.

Tip: Also remember to set the nomad tax level back to yellow to maximize your revenues since you don't need to grow in population anymore.

Medium sidequest: The ProphecyEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

Now click on Hekata's Old Tree. This will start a sidequest where she wants you to bring her 20t Quartz to build a crystal ball to read your fortune. You've already got two Quartz quarries going, but it's all being used for mosaics. What do you do? You simply put all your mosaic workshops to a dormant (sleep) state, so they won't produce and use up your Quartz.

Tip: Putting a production building to sleep, also halves the maintenance costs. It can save you a lot of gold to put temporarily unnecessary production buildings to sleep, such as when your storehouses are full. Note on easy difficulty you get 100% of building costs refunded upon demolishing, so might as well demolish buildings and rebuild them later rather than put them to sleep. However, medium refunds only 1/2 the cost, and hard refunds nothing, so demolishing and rebuilding is very costly on those difficulties.

Once you have the 20t available, load it up on your ship and just drop it off at your warehouse on Hekata's island.

Medium sidequest: Black GoldEdit

Al Zahir asks you to build a coffee production chain to attract more envoys. However, you won't be high enough diplomatic rank to build coffee buildings yet. You need to purchase prestige letters from Hildegard and deliver them to Al Zahir. You should have more than enough honor points to purchase the required additional prestige since you should only need one of the "Princely attention" 150 honor items. Check at Al Zahir's warehouse to see how much prestige you need.

Tip: There are two diplomatic scrolls items you can buy in this chapter. And they aren't equal in value. For instance, you could buy three of the cheap ones at 50 honor a piece (150 total honor), which would grant you a total of 300 prestige. However, you can just one of the 150 honor ones, which grants you 400 prestige (33% more). So to get the most value, buy only the large ones. Note you can keep buying multiple of them, but you have to buy them one by one since there's only one every in stock at a time but it restocks immediately after the sale. Also note this unequal ratios with scrolls issue does not happen in the scenarios and continuous mode but only in the campaign chapters. In the other modes the prestige points compared to honor is linear so you can freely buy any assortment and get a totally equal value.

Now that you can build coffee buildings, note that coffee is only able to be grown on the island to the south of your city.

Set up this production chain there. By now you should know how to do this. Refer to this page for the correct building ratios.

Alter your existing silk trade route to also pick up coffee and deliver it to your city. See the picture to the right.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 silkcoffeeroute

Silk and coffee route.

Tip: You can either build the entire coffee production chain (the plantations and roasting plant) on the southern island, or you can just produce the coffee beans on the southern island and do the roasting at your main city. Either way works just fine, and both have advantages and disadvantages.

Producing it all on the southern island is easier to keep track of to make sure you have the correct building ratios, plus it allows for trade routes where you can sell the excess to other players (although this simple chapter doesn't require that). Roasting the coffee at your main city has the advantage of being able to see if your supply of coffee is rising or falling since it's made at your main city. If you produce it all on the southern island it's harder to track if you have enough being produced since your supply will jump way up when a shipment arrives then steadily go down.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 passivepurchasingofgoods

Passively purchasing goods.

Tip: Also remember you can set up goods to be purchased by you at your warehouse. Then Al Zahir will occasionally sail by and sell you these goods. This is helpful when you don't want to be bothered manually sailing your ships to him to purchase goods.

See the picture to the left for an example where you'd be requesting to buy up to 22t wood, 22t tools, and 40t mosaics. Note that the +0 under the wood and tools icons indicates the island already has more than 22t in stock so no more will be bought. However, since there's only 9t mosaics in stock currently, 36 more will be purchased when possible.

Easy quest: The Rescue IEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 abouttobuildthecastle

At the fortress island.

Now that you have 120 envoys, you can take your new miner's camp up to the assassins' fortress. Just select the mining camp and then click the move button and move the miner's right next to the shore of the fortress island.

Tip: This is your first time moving military units from one island to another. In Anno 1404 you must always have your military units leave an island from a warehouse or castle. Notice when you move your miners off your island, they'll first travel to your warehouse before departing.

Easy quest: The BridgeheadEdit

Once your miners have moved right by the beach, Al Zahir will tell you to build a castle as a beachhead for attacking the fortress. With the miners selected, click the flasing Castle icon and place it on the beach.

Tip: In Anno 1404, you always must first build a castle beachhead on any island you are attacking. Building this castle consumes whatever military unit builds it, so you need at least two military units if when first attacking if you want to do more than just build your castle. Note that all subsequent troops you send in will arrive via the castle and then move to wherever you tell them to on the island you're attacking. In this mission the game cheats and let's you use the miners to build a castle plus still keep the miners unit.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 buildingthecastle

The new castle.

Easy quest: The TunnelEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 towerwithnorthburgh

Northburgh's tower.

Miners can dig tunnels under walls and other fortified structures. Select the miners camp and right-click the tower to dig underground to it. You can then left-click anywhere to get out of the attack mode. You can now also hover your mouse over the miners camp to see how long it will be until they successfully dig to the tower.

Tip: Note, you must select right on the small tower structure itself, not the main fortress. Zoom in to see the tower on the southern part of the fortress.

Easy quest: A suitable ResidenceEdit

Al Zahir tells you to convert your castle to a warehouse since you no longer need to attack anything on this island.

Tip: You must not build a warehouse. If you did it, campaign will not continue until you destroy your warehouse first.

Tip: Castles can always be converted to a warehouse on an island. This is useful for when you slowly taking over an enemy island and you've secured a portion of it. You can then convert your initial castle to a warehouse and move supplies to and from that warehouse like usual. Note you can build many castles on an island you're attacking to block your enemy in. This is an advanced combat strategy that you won't need in the campaign but will be very useful for the military scenarios and hard continuous games. See the combat guide for more general combat information.

Medium sidequest: ReparationEdit

Now that you have a warehouse on the assassins' island, build a road connection to the fortress and then click on the fortress. Al Rashid will ask you for supplies (20t Mosaic and 20t clay) to rebuild the damaged fortress. Deliver the goods to your warehouse on this island to complete the quest.

Tip: If you don't have any clay immediately available, remember to temporarily shut down production at the mosaic workshops to build up some clay in storage.

Easy quest: Free at last!Edit

Northburgh is finally free and requests to immediately see the Emperor. Load Northburgh onto one of your ships and sail to Hildegard's island.

Medium sidequest: The struggle continuesEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

By now Phillipe should have returned to his island up north. He needs help again. Click on his warehouse and he'll tell you to please provide 20t coffee and 20t carpets to him. You know what to do.

Tip: As a random sidenote, if you're low on gold remember you can set goods to sell from your warehouse. Al Zahir will stop by and purchase those goods from you. You'll probably find you are perhaps producing surplus carpets, mosaic, silk, indigo, ect.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 passivesellingathomeisland

Selling surplus goods.

Medium sidequest: Black Assassins' drinkEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

Click on Al Rashid's fortress again. He'll tell you the repairs are taking more time than anticipated and wants 20t milk and 20t coffee for his men. Since you aim to serve, deliver said goods to him.

Easy quest: The only hopeEdit

Northburgh reveals Lucius poisoned the Emperor to seize power, however, there might be a remedy that only the witches know how to brew. Take his letter to Heketa (drop it off at your warehouse on her island). As you approach her island, you'll notice a merchant ship start sailing away.

New mission goal: Hanging by a threadEdit

"Save the Emperor's life."

You have a new mission goal now that Northburgh is free and has met with the Emperor.

Medium quest: Witch's curseEdit

The witches are going to concoct the cure for the Emperor but a mysterious merchant has stolen the recipe. Go destroy the Cursed Ship and return the "Ancient recipe" to Heketa.

Tip: The Cursed Ship will never leave the world, rather it will sail around until it finally is destroyed from the curse, at which point the recipe will be floating in the water near your main island where the ship sunk.

Medium quest: The Black PearlEdit

Many new quests will have opened up now. Start with this quest to investigate three islands to find the legendary Black Pearl hidden under a tower. The correct location can be any of the three locations, although it's most commonly on your main island. Move your mining camp to each spot and after selecting the camp, right-click on the tower with the arrow pointing at it. Eventually you'll find the right spot and get the item. You can deliver it to your warehouse on Heketa's island now or you can hold on to it until you get the other item you need.

Tip: You can look for a large skeleton directly behind the tower at each spot. The tower with the large skeleton will be where the Black Pearl is.

Medium quest: The search for volunteersEdit

Al Zahir tells you to settle 300 nomads and 500 envoys in your city before volunteers can be found to go help Marie, which in return Phillipe will give you the Bar of Silver you need for the witches' concoction.

Expand your settlement to reach these population goals. You should know how to by now. Just build more houses, lower your taxes to dark green, and make sure all the needs are met. Keep building more supplies of dates, milk, carpets, and coffee as needed. Make sure you don't run out of wood, tools, or mosaic as well so your houses have upgrade material.

Medium quest: Defence of the homelandEdit

Once you get enough people in your city, volunteers will come forth. Just accept Phillipe's asking for the volunteers.

Medium quest: An Alchemists' brewEdit

Make sure you purchase 1t Iron ore and 1t Gold ore from Hildegard/Northburgh and have them in your main city warehouse. Now that you've also been given the Bar of Silver, just hand all the items over to Izmir when he asks.

Hard quest: Time is running outEdit

Now you have both the Black Pearl and the Phial with the four juices. Deliver them to your warehouse on Heketa's island to complete the quest. You will now be given the "Essence of Life" that cures the Emperor. Do not give Northburgh the item unless you want to end the chapter. There's still one more sidequest to complete, so the Emperor will have to remain ill a little longer.

Tip: For an extra line of dialogue, sail to Northburgh with the "Essence of Life" on board but refuse to give him it by clicking the red X button. He'll get mad and say something.

Hard sidequest: The red herringEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

Click on Phillipe's warehouse again and he'll ask you to provide him with 3 Oriental warships. This sidequest is much harder than it appears. To build the warships, you must have 1,740 envoys and the highest diplomatic rank!

Reaching the maximum diplomatic rankEdit

To start, make sure you reach the highest diplomatic rank. This will require purchasing over and over again the "Princely attention" items from Northburgh. Remember the earlier note that you get more prestige per honor point by buying the 150 honor "Princely attention" scrolls than you do from buying the 50 honor "Noble appreciation" scrolls. So only buy the 150 honor scrolls!

Tip: It's very possible to be unable to attain the highest rank because you spent your honor points on miscellaneous items instead of scrolls. This happens quite frequently to new players. This is also why this guide noted in the introduction to not spend your honor points but rather to save them up to increase diplomatic rank. Bought warehouse items like seeds can be sold back to the Grand Vizier to have honor reimbursed.

Tip: You can sell "The Scholars' Abacus", which you could get by accomplishing the medium sidequest: "Sensational", for an additional 300 honor.

Reaching 1,740 envoysEdit

Having this many envoys will require greatly expanding your settlement. The good news is all you need to do is build many, many more houses and many more production chains of the goods you're already producing to keep up with demand. Like when you previously expanded your settlement, make sure all the needs goods are being produced in large enough quantities.

Tip: You'll need to buy a lot of tools from both Al Zahir and Phillipe as well.


When you hit 1,040 envoys, a new need will develop: Pearl necklaces. You have a choice now. You can ignore this need and just keep spamming houses to reach 1,740 envoys or you can fulfill this need so that each individual envoy house can reach maximum inhabitants.

Explanation is in order. Whenever a civilization develops a new need, they no longer can be happy or euphoric until that need is fulfilled. It's as if they all suddenly realize that the former happiness they had was meaningless because now they must have pearl necklaces! So since they can only be calm, which is the yellow color on the taxation/mood meter, they will neither move in or out of your houses.

So as you continue to upgrade nomad houses (who have all their needs met and are perfectly happy with pearl necklaces), the upgraded houses go from house 15 of 15 nomads to 16 of a possible 25 envoys. That 9 person vacancy will never be filled without providing pearl necklaces. Basically, if you don't fulfill the pearl necklace need, you'll have to have roughly 1.5 times as many total envoy houses.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 finaltraderouteforenvoys

Final trade route.

Anyway, if you wish to fulfill the need, then build pearl fisher's huts on either of your two extra islands. You need to build them by the reef area that has the pearls. Then build a Pearl workshop. The proper ratio is one-to-one for the pearl buildings.

Note that you can build as many pearl fisherman's huts per reef as will fit within the area of influence, which is normally 4 to 8, but you'll only need two or so for your population.

Building the shipsEdit

Once you're finally able to build these ships, just build an Oriental shipyard if you haven't already and build these ships for him.

Note that you can buy ropes and war machines from Phillipe's warehouse in order to build the ships. Now sail the ships up to his warehouse.

This sidequest is the biggest challenge of this chapter, but you'll be rewarded with some extra story information when you complete it.

You may have to expand your city's population to increase your ship limit. Or you can delete some existing ships to make room.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 finalenvoycity

Final envoy city.

Easy quest: Hope for the Emperor?Edit

Finally load the "Essence of Life" onto your ship and sail it to Northburgh. Let's hope it's not too late...(it isn't). The chapter now ends as inspiration music plays.

Ending in-game cutsceneEdit

Close to death, the Emperor takes the Essence of Life with his last ounce of strength. Hildegard von Lewenstein is worried whether the Emperor will be restored to health. Phillipe Lamour arrives breathless and reports that Marie d'Artois is about to suffer defeat. Lord Richard Northburgh urges everyone to hurry to help Marie d'Artois as a matter of urgency.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 endcutscene-01
Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 endcutscene-02
Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 endcutscene-03
Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 endcutscene-04
Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 endcutscene-05
Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 endcutscene-06
Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 endcutscene-07
Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 endcutscene-08
Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 endcutscene-09

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