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Difficulty levelsEdit

Anno 1404-campaign difficulty chapter4

Chapter 4 difficulty levels. Click to enlarge.

Beginning narrationEdit

"The Seamen scramble around the rigging and the Sailors haul the Provisions aboard. The sails of the ramshackle rustbuckets with their cargoes of children had not long disappeared over the horizon. Lord Northburgh harboured a terrible suspicion. He drove everyone into action, exhorting them to move with the utmost haste. Until finally a small Fleet was able to set off in pursuit. An adventure began... the outcome of which no one could have ever imagined at the time."

Starting in-game cutsceneEdit

Barely has Lord Richard Northburgh spotted the Coffin ships sailing through the storm with the children aboard when Corsair ships suddenly appear. Hassan ben Sahid, the leader of the Corsairs, goes alongside the Ship and takes command of the coffin Ships. Lord Richard Northburgh is horrified to realise that your Ships are damaged and you can't help the children! He navigates you through the Storm to one of his Islands where you can wait until the Storm dies down.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 startcutscene-01
Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 startcutscene-02
Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 startcutscene-03
Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 startcutscene-04
Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 startcutscene-05
Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 startcutscene-06

Mission goal: Missing childrenEdit

Find all the missing children.


This chapter introduces the player to the Orient by having them build a small nomad settlement and shipping the first orient goods to the Occident. It also introduces the patrician level of inhabitants very briefly. The first simple naval combat is also introduced.

Easy quest: Out of the frying pan into the fireEdit

Lord Northburgh wants you to begin the search for the missing children by speaking with the monks in the mountain monastery. Build a market building so that the monastery is within your area of influence then construct a road connecting the monastery with your settlement.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 market build to hilarius

Market by Hilarius.

Medium quest: Repair workEdit

Northburgh wants you to build a repair crane. This requires at least 355 citizens, so you will need to expand your settlement. Build at least 10 more houses, another fisherman's hut, another lumberjack's hut or two, a stone quarry or two, two cider farms, two hemp plantations, and a weaver's hut. You'll have to buy tools from Brother Hilarius to complete all of this construction, but in the next quest you'll begin producing your own.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 repair crane 355 citizens

Crane needs more citizens.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 hilarius en route

Hilarius delivering goods.

Add categories here, e.g.

Medium sidequest: Tools productionEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 tools production

Tools production.

Northburgh says you should set up your own tools production. You first need 240 citizens to build a tools production, so keep building houses until you reach this point.

Then build a charcoal burner's hut, an iron mine, an iron smelter, and two toolmaker's workshops in order to complete a proper tools production chain. You might need to purchase more tools from Brother Hilarius to do all this.

Tip: When placing buildings to use natural resources, you can toggle through available resource locations by first opening the resource display by left-click on the top-middle of your screen were the city name is located. Then click on the resource icon to switch between resource locations. It's best to use closer resources first since you need to build less market buildings this way.

Tip: You may also wish to deny ascension rights to your peasants so they don't use all your wood and tools that you need to build your tools production. To deny ascension rights, just left-click on the marketplace and then click the top middle scrolls icon on the window. Be sure to remember to allow ascension rights after your building is done otherwise your city won't progress.

Finishing quest: Repair workEdit

Now that you've likely reached 355 citizens, build the repair crane to finish the earlier quest. You'll be given a item that enhances a ship, the "Studded planks." It's placed in your warehouse strongroom by default, where it does no good.

Remember from an earlier chapter that you can transfer the item to your Flagship. So move the item to your Flagship and it'll be put in one of the two item slots the ship has. Now you have +20% hit-points for your Flagship.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 repair quest

Repair reward.

Easy sidequest: A first clueEdit

Sail up northeast past your island to investigate the reefs.

Easy quest: ShipwreckEdit

Pick up the child floating at the wreckage. Also pick up the crate floating nearby that happens to have tools in it.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 wreckage

Wreckage, children, tools.

Easy quest: Soaking wet childrenEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 hilarius children1

Saved children.

Brother Hilarius wants to look after the children at his monastery. Sail back and move the children to your warehouse strongroom, and then Hilarius will take them.

Tip: You were given your first honor points for completing this quest. This would be a good time to read the prestige and honor page because both are going to be necessary for working with the Orient.

Easy quest: A request for helpEdit

Northburgh asks you to contact the Oriental Grand Vizier. Sail your flagship over to his flagship right by your warehouse and accept the item Northburgh wants to give to the Vizier.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 diplomatic scrolls

Take the scrolls.

Medium sidequest: Tattered clothesEdit

Brother Hilarius wants you to make 4t Linen garments available at your settlement to clothe the children. This quest might automatically prompt you to complete it if you previously built hemp plantations and a weaver's hut. If not, build a linen garments production chain now.

Tip: You might not have 4t Linen garments in stock because your citizens keep using them all up. Deny access to the Linen garments by clicking on any citizen's house, and click the clothing need then anywhere on the needs wheel. Remember to cancel the denial after the sidequest by going back to the needs wheel and clicking on the Linen garments icon again.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 deny linens

Deny linens if needed.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 hilarius clothing delivery

Clothes for children.

Easy quest: A diplomatic missionEdit

Go sail south to visit the Orient and give the gift to the Grand Vizier.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 diplomatic scrolls to zahir

A gift for you!

Easy quest: Calamity on the high SeaEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 zahir damaged ship

Rope fixes all.

Al Zahir informs you that one of his ships is damaged. Deliver 3t rope to the broken ship at sea. You may need to build a ropemaker's workshop and an additional hemp plantation.

Zahir will now give you his Caravel ship.

Tip: Now is a good time to set up hot-keys for your ships. Use Ctrl-1 for your Flagship and Ctrl-2 for the new Caravel.

Easy quest: A home for the childrenEdit

Sail your new oriental Caravel ship back to your settlement, and unload the children to complete the quest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 hilarius children2

More children.

Easy quest: The Road to KarimEdit

Sail west and settle the island with Karim on it. Build a market building and road connection to meet Karim.

Tip: You now have the option of building occidental or oriental warehouses when settling new islands. Occidental ships can build Occidental warehouses, and oriental ships can build oriental warehouses. The differences are minimal, but the oriental take less wood and more tools and start with slightly higher maintenance costs. Therefore, occidental warehouses can be better in the very early game when costs and tool supplies are more important.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 orient warehouse placement

New Orient island.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 orient view

Market diversity.

Tip: Similar to the tip above, you can also choose to build either occidental or oriental market buildings on any of your islands. Contrary to what the name suggests, you're free to build any of of them anywhere. Again, the oriental market buildings are considerably more costly to build, but they start with three market carts so in that way they're like the totally upgraded Occidental market buildings. Again, mostly in the early game it costs too much gold and tools to build oriental market buildings, so you can build occidental market buildings initially and later demolish them and replace them with oriental ones, since oriental market buildings are the most cost effective in the end (lower maintenance).

Medium quest: You scratch my back...Edit

Karim wants you to build a oriental settlement with at least 145 nomads. To do this, build a bazaar (oriental version of the marketplace) and about 10 nomad houses.

You'll need to ship supplies from your main island to the new island (chiefly, wood). You can do this manually, or you can set up a trade route to ship a small amount of wood and tools to the settlement.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 nomad settlement growth

Example nomad settlement.

Tip: You can buy a few goods from Karim if you click on his building. He'll sell you Milk, Tools, and Dates.

You will also need to acquaint yourself with the basic needs of nomads. All you initially need to provide is company and food. The Bazaar fulfills the company need, and dates fulfills the food need. Before supplying dates, a noria must be built, which is the subject of the next sidequest.

Medium sidequest: The Desert livesEdit

Karim tells you a noria is required before any goods can be grown on desert. So build a small noria, which is a building that makes desert lands fertile for planting crops. Upon building it, this sidequest will complete and a new sidequest will start.

Tip: Norias provide fertile ground in a cirle shape. The inner circle is dark green and is considered 100% fertile ground. The outer light green circle is only about 60% fertile. Therefore, try to place your fields around the inner-circle. You can use multiple norias to make all the area dark green. In fact, you can use many nearby norias to make the ground super-fertile, in what is sometimes called the noria exploit, although it's perfectly allowed by the game and is not a cheat.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 noria

Behold, the noria!

Medium sidequest: The Date plantationEdit

When you build a small noria, Karim will ask you to build a date plantation as well. Build one or two of them and connect them to a market building.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 date plantations

Two date plantations.

Easy quest: Familiar surroundingsEdit

Once 145 Nomads move in to your Oriental settlement, Karim will trust you enough to hand over the children he found. Transfer the children from your oriental settlement strong room to a ship and sail them back to your main settlement where you will transfer them to your warehouse for Hilarius to pick up.

Medium quest: TastyEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 spice farms

Spice of life.

Once your nomad settlement reaches 145 nomads, this quest will be give to you by Northburgh. He asked you to build a spice farm with over 50% productivity. Build it by your small noria you previously built.

Tip: Spices fulfill part of the occidental food need for citizens, patricians, and noblemen. The next quest will explain what to do with the spices you're now producing.

Tip: Now that you've reached 145 nomads and don't need to grow this settlement anymore, you can put the taxation slider to yellow for the nomads. This will really help your gold balance stay positive.

Medium quest: Ascension of a VillageEdit

Northburgh wants you to expand your city so that the third class of occidental inhabitants will move in, the patricians. For this to happen all the citizen needs must be fulfilled. Click on any citizen's house, so see what needs remain unfulfilled. You'll see that food and amusement are not fully satisfied.

So build a tavern in the middle of your settlement to satisfy amusement, and set up a new trading route delivering spices from your oriental settlement to your home settlement to fully satisfy the food need.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 citizens needs

Citizens' needs.

Tip: When you complete this quest and now have patricians, you may wish to raise the tax rates on all three classes to yellow in order to keep a positive gold balance.

Tip: It is very helpful to build a shipyard and build a new small trading ship that you can use exclusively for delivering spices to your home settlement. See the picture to the right as an example trade route.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 spicestraderoute

Example spice route.

Easy sidequest: A sign of trustEdit

Al Zahir wishes to discuss an important matter now that he's starting to trust you. Sail any ship to Al Zahir's port to complete this quest. He'll give you a letter for the mine manager, which starts the next quest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 zahir message to miners

Al Zahir's message.

Easy quest: An important MessengerEdit

Sail over with the letter and deliver it to complete the quest. You can read the letter before delivering it if you wish.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 miners delivering letter

The letter delivery.

Medium quest: Children undergroundEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 miners delivering goods

The miners trade.

The mine manager asks for 10t tools and 5t spices. Deliver these to him. Your main city should have the spices needed if you set up the spices trade route previously. The mine manager now gives you the children. You are also given a "Noble appreciation" item that you can give to Al Zahir to gain prestige, which in turn gains you oriental ranks, which opens up new building options.

Important: You'll need to give this "Noble appreciation" item to Al Zahir in order for Al Zahir to offer you the most difficult sidequest of this chapter, "Carpet trading." If you don't give him the item, this sidequest will never start and you'll miss it.

Easy quest: Free at Last!Edit

Take the children to your warehouse for Brother Hilarius to pick up.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 hilarius children4

The youth of today.

Medium sidequest: A crust of BreadEdit

Hilarius asks for 10t of bread. Bread is a new good you can produce using patrician production buildings.

Fortunately, your main city has wheat fertility which is required to grow wheat for the bread. Build two crop farms, one mill, and one bakery to produce bread.

Tip: You may wish to deny Bread to your patricians so the 10t required for Hilarius will be available sooner. Remember to cancel the denial after the sidequest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 bread production

Bread chain.

Tip: Each island has certain natural fertilities for growing crops, which can be seen in the top-middle of the screen when your view is over an island. For instance, you can see you can grow cider, hemp, and wheat, precisely what you need for this chapter. You won't be so fortunate in later chapters where you'll have to expand and grow these products on other islands.

Medium sidequest: A bowl of MilkEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 hilarius milk delivery

Milk is good.

Deliver 15t milk to Hilarius. What's hilarious is this quest is translated a "bowl" of milk...are the children animals who lick it up? But back on topic, this requires you build a goat farm or two in your oriental settlement. Do so now, then transport 15t to your occidental warehouse.

You'll probably need to deny access to milk for your nomads otherwise they'll lick it all up. Be sure to cancel the denial after you load up 15t.

Easy quest: In pursuit of the CorsairsEdit

Sail your ship to the southwest and find the Corsair hideout. The sail very close to the corsair ship with the exclamation mark, and click on it. Keep clicking if nothing happens.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 corsairs investigating

Investigating pirates.

Medium sidequest: Self-defenceEdit

Northburgh realizes the Corsairs are going to put up a fight, so he wants you to build a weapon smithy. Note that a 100% efficient weapon smithy requires an entire iron production chain of its own (charcoal burner's hut, iron ore mine, iron smelter). So as the game suggests in the quest log, you can temporarily turn off your toolmaker's workshops in order to allow the weapon smithy to have the iron. Or you could build an entirely new iron production chain, but that's unnecessary.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 weapon smith

Weapon smithy.

Medium sidequest: Al Zahir's helpEdit

Al Zahir will help you fight the Corsairs, but first he needs weapons. Deliver 5t weapons to Al Zahir. He'll give you an "Infamous Boarding crew" item, which allows you to sail next to enemy ships and board and capture them as discussed in the following quest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 zahir weapons delivery

Weapons delivery.

Medium quest: Prepare to board!Edit

Sail the ship that has the boarding crew item that you got from the prior quest to the corsair ship. Left-click the boarding crew item and then left-click the corsair ship to begin boarding.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 corsairs boarding

Board and plunder!

Easy quest: Safe and soundEdit

Now sail the new corsair ship to your settlement and drop off the children, like you've done many times now.

Hard sidequest: Carpet tradingEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

Important: This quest will not be offered by Al Zahir unless you previously gave him the "Noble appreciation" item you got from the mine manager when completing the "Children underground" quest. If you haven't given this item to Al Zahir yet, do so now to open up this quest.

Al Zahir wants 3t carpets for which he'll give you an Oriental warship. In order to produce carpets you need 295 nomads and 100 prestige. You will already have that much prestige from giving Al Zahir the "Noble appreciation" item earlier.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 orient need 295 nomads

295 Nomads needed.

As for more nomads, you'll need to build your oriental settlement again by placing around 8 new houses.

Tip: Make sure your taxation level for nomads isn't yellow when building new houses. Otherwise, the houses will only have one person in them and no one else will ever move in. Change the tax rate to light or dark green (they move in fastest with dark green).

Once you reach the required 295 nomads, you can increase their taxes again, and now you'll need to build a silk plantation, indigo farm, and carpet workshop. You'll probably need to place another small noria to have room for the silk and indigo fields. Once you have the carpets being produced, load 3t up (possibly deny the nomads access to carpets very briefly) and sail to Al Zahir's port.

Tip: Remember, if you're short on money, you can load up a ship with surplus goods, sail it to Al Zahir's warehouse, and sell the goods. Selling ropes and tools will make you a lot of money.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 orient 295 nomads

295 Nomads reached.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 orient carpet production

Carpet production.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 selling goods for money

Selling surplus goods.

Hard sidequest: Explosion hazardEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!
Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 miners powder keg offer

Boom offer.

Before continuing with the main quest, click on the mine manager's warehouse. Remember, he's on the island in the south-east. The mine manager tells you he'll give you a powder keg if you bring him 10t tools and 15t spices. Be sure you complete this quest before destroying the 4 corsair ships or this quest will fail!

You must collect 5 of the children before the mine manager will offer this quest.

Tip: Powder kegs are very powerful items that when activated will blow up everything around them, including your ship with the keg. Use them to destroy groups of enemy ships at once, as shown in a next quest.

Hard sidequest: Sea battleEdit

Northburgh asks you to produce at least 2 small warships. This shouldn't be hard if you've kept your ropes and weapons production going. However, you might have hit your ship limit, which is based on your world-wide population. If so, you can either delete (Delete key by default) a few existing ships (the easiest method) or build more houses to increase your ship limit.

Tip: If you don't have enough gold, load up some of your extra goods and sell them to Al Zahir by going to his warehouse. You can also set up passive sales at your warehouse, as discussed in prior chapters.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 warships built

New warships.

Tip: To check your ship limit at any time, you can click on the population total in the bottom-left of the screen, and a breakdown will be listed of all class types and below that your ship totals and military unit totals will be shown along with their maximum numbers.

Medium quest: Act of reprisalEdit

Take all your ship that can fight, such as your warships, stolen corsair ship, and flagship and destroy the corsair ships, using the powder keg or just regular ship attacks.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 corsairs boom1

The countdown.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 corsairs boom2

The boom.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 corsairs boom3

The doom.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 corsairs boom4

The bubbles.

Easy quest: Saved!Edit

Hassan ben Sahid gives up finally and agrees to release the children. Sail to his hideout and pick up the children.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 corsairs children hand over

The last children.

Easy quest: Forget the terrible experienceEdit

Deliver the final group of children to Hilarius. The children will be on board whichever ship was closest to the Corsair warehouse when you accepted them. Once they are delivered, the chapter ends.

Ending in-game cutsceneEdit

Determined to tell the Emperor about recent events, Lord Richard Northburgh insists on setting off for the Orient where the Emperor is recovering from his illness. Guy Forcas appears unexpectedly and arrests Lord Richard Northburgh. Guy Forcas threatens you with the wrath of Cardinal Lucius, and orders you to have nothing more to do with the Crusade. Lord Richard Northburgh surrenders to Guy Forcas and whispers to you to stop the impending War.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 endcutscene-01
Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 endcutscene-02
Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 endcutscene-03
Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 endcutscene-04
Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 endcutscene-05

Campaign Quests ListEdit

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