Printing house
Printing press.png
Building details
Cost Gold coins 1800 · Wood 5 · Tools 5
Stone 12 · Glass 10
Maintenance (Inactive) Maintenance cost 50
Size 3 x 3
Produces Books Book
Production per minute 1.5 tons
Prerequisite Patricians 940 patricians
Optimal build Indigo 4 Indigo farms and Paper 1 Paper mill for every 2 Books Printing houses

This building requires paper and indigo. It produces books, which satisfy the patrician and nobleman property need.

One complete production chain of 2 lumberjack's huts, 1 paper mill, 4 indigo farms and 2 printing houses produces enough books to satisfy the property need for 1,875 patricians or 3,333 noblemen, which gives a consumption rate of respectively 1.78:1.

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