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Difficulty levelsEdit

Anno 1404-campaign difficulty chapter8

Chapter 8 difficulty levels. Click to enlarge.

Beginning narrationEdit

"Lucius was preparing to strike the final blow. The departure from the Emperor's sick bed could be delayed not a day longer. Would he recover from the treacherous poison that had so weakened his mind and body? Or was it already too late for any hope of recovery? These and other somber thoughts plagued Lord Northburgh and his followers as they sailed home in despair."

Starting in-game cutsceneEdit

Lord Richard Northburgh is horrified to see that your Home island, Falconstone, has been destroyed and offers to accommodate you in his City. The sight of his destroyed City strengthens his resolve to stop Cardinal Lucius. Marie d'Artois is in despair and reports that she was unable to stand up to Cardinal Lucius. Half mad, Cardinal Lucius prophesies that he can order the Crusade by building his Imperial cathedral.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 startcutscene-01
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 startcutscene-02
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 startcutscene-03
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 startcutscene-04
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 startcutscene-05
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 startcutscene-06
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 startcutscene-07
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 startcutscene-08

Mission goal: Construction contestEdit

Finish the Imperial cathedral in Cathedral city before Cardinal Lucius.


This is the final chapter of the campaign and introduces playing in a competitive environment where you must build faster than your opponent.

Tip: Don't forget to use hot-keys like Ctrl-1 for your flagship and to set up your tool-bars with you favorite buttons, like slow down and fast forward.

Easy sidequest: Supply problemsEdit

Very simply select each of the 7 buildings and hit the cultivate button for each. There's 4 lumberjack's huts, one stonemason's hut, one charcoal burner's hut, and one iron ore mine to cultivate.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 thecultivateoption

Cultivate button.

Medium sidequest: Tools requiredEdit

Northburgh asks you to make sure a total of 5 toolmaker's workshops are up and running. You already have 1 going on your main island.

Now build a new Tools production chain using the iron ore mine on the west of your island. Unfortunately, your island only has two iron mines. So you need to build one or two more Tools production chains on your northern island, which has three iron sources.

While you're at it, also build a couple stonemason's huts and a couple lumberjack's huts on your northern island to bring extra stone and wood to your main island. You you'll need to ship some tools and wood to the island to get all this built.

Tip: Don't forget to alter your existing northern island trade route to bring wood, tools, and stone to your main island!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 rearranged north island

Rearranged buildings.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 northisland newwoodsources

New wood sources.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 northernisland toolsstoneroute

Tools & stone added.

You'll also want to build about one or two more charcoal burner's huts on your main island in order to ramp up tool production quickly.

Tip: Don't delay finishing this quest since it provides the foundation needed to keep cathedral construction and all other city expansion going.

Rebuilding the cityEdit

You may have noticed you're missing several marketplaces and many house locations. Rebuild the three marketplaces as shown below.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 marketplace1

Marketplace 1

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 marketplace2

Marketplace 2

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 marketplace3

Marketplace 3

Tip: Beggars most likely arrived very shortly into this chapter. Hopefully you didn't send them away, since it's always best to take them in overall. Just be sure to build an alms house if you haven't already.

Also build about four new lumberjack's huts since you'll need a lot of wood for the houses to advance from derelict to peasant. Build about three more fisherman's huts as well, since you'll run out soon.

Tip: The way the game spaces out lumberjack's huts and other buildings isn't very efficient. You could demolish several of the lumberjack's huts and build them much closer to market buildings to almost double the amount you can fit on your island.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 newwoodandfishsupply

New fish & wood.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 location for tavern

Tavern location.

Now start rebuilding houses in all the empty locations. This will take a lot of wood, as noted above. But this is essential in order to have a large enough population to tax to finance the cathedral construction. Keep expanding your city when wood is available as you continue to do the next quests.

Also be sure to see what needs buildings your people need. You'll want to build several chapels and taverns around your city.

Restart cathedral constructionEdit

You could have restarted cathedral building immediately when the chapter started, but it costs you 500 gold in maintenance so it's best to wait until you've rebuilt your city and have the tax revenue to support it. You'll have plenty of time to beat Lucius if you follow the rest of this guide.

So once you have the city rebuilt moderately and have hiked up the tax rate to yellow for each civilization class, restart cathedral construction by clicking on the cathedral and clicking the "ZZZ" icon.

Easy sidequest: A friendly favourEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

Look north to Marie's white settlement on your mini-map. Click on her warehouse and she'll ask for 30t wood and 15t tools to help her rebuild. Deliver it when you can.

You'll probably want to build even more lumberjack's huts since you'll need a steady flow of wood for quite some time.

See the picture to the right for an ideal setup of lumberjack's huts on your home island.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 evenmorewoodsupply

Even more lumberjacks!

Note that upon delivery, Marie will say she will now start trading tools to you when she can. This doesn't mean she'll just bring them to you. You must set up passive purchase orders at your home warehouse. Although, this isn't cost effective, and you really should be producing enough tools on your own anyway.

Easy sidequest: Lost at SeaEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

Now click on Al Zahir's warehouse and he'll ask you to find three survivors for him. They're all just a bit north of his harbor. Bring them to him now.

He'll give you an incredibly awesome item, "Oriental construction workers," which reduces the cathedral building materials need by 60% and reduces the time it takes to build the cathedral by 60%! Make sure you transfer this item to Cathedral city's warehouse.

Tip: You can also buy tools from Al Zahir. Buy as many as you can now because you're going to be low on tools at this point and time is more valuable than money in this chapter.

Easy sidequest: Spies sighted [I]Edit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 spies sighted first time

Spies sighted!

After some times passes Northburgh will ask you to find two spies in the city. They start by the cathedral site. Look carefully for them and click on them when you find them. See this page for more tips on these types of quests.

Note: There will be several more quests with this exact name of "Spies sighted." You need to do them all to complete all quests in this chapter.

Medium sidequest: Further relief suppliesEdit

After you completed Marie's prior optional sidequest, Marie asks for 20t fish and 40t linen garments. Deliver the goods. If you haven't done so, you may wish to expand your production of both goods, since you'll be greatly expanding your city as the game goes on in order to reach Northburgh's 200 noblemen sidequest he gave you early in this chapter.

Marie gives you the "Plumb line of perfection" item that reduces the cathedral maintenance costs by 50%! This is a very good item to help you stay in the green for your revenue.

Tip: Marie will not accept the fish and linen garments until you have found the 5 spies in her city of Inglebeck.

Medium sidequest: The eyes of LuciusEdit

As you approached Marie's warehouse for the last quest, she warns of 5 spies in her island. Search for them and left-click on each. They all start out together just about in the middle of her island. They should be easy to spot.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 marie spies to find

Spies at Marie's city.

Keeping up with needsEdit

You might be running low on fish, cider, or linen garments as you expand your city. Make sure to regularly check your houses and see if the needs are met.

Tip: As you move on to the scenarios after you finish the campaign, you'll be on your own to monitor your people's needs and expand when necessary. Remember, a good ruler always checks in with all the classes of their people regularly, or so a fortune cookie once told me...

Easy sidequest: Walls for eternityEdit

Northburgh will ask you to build 5 operational stonemason's huts. You might already have close to this going. If not, build the required buildings.

Tip: Remember to build one stonemason's hut per stone quarry, so you should have two on your main island and three on the north island.

Tip: It's always best to build extra market buildings that are right next to resources rather than build long roads to existing market buildings. Although, building more market buildings costs slightly more initially, the efficiency gains of having such short cart routes is always worth it.

Medium quest: Race against time IEdit

About now you should be very close to finishing the second stage of construction. This chapter has a very strange game mechanic where when you finish a cathedral production stage, Cardinal Lucius also completes his first stage. This was done to make it so you can't get a ridiculously huge lead on him. However, it's not realistic. To get the best out of this quirk, it's highly recommended to halt construction at the cathedral site right before you're going to finish a stage (except the final stage of course). Then only resume it once the countdown timer for Lucius reaches about 1 minute.

Tip: If you don't do this and you finish each stage as quickly as possible, you're actually put at a significant disadvantage during the final building stage.

Second cathedral stage startEdit

It's best to keep the cathedral construction halted until you at least do the next quest. Actually, this stage only takes about 20-25 minutes to build so long as you get the item from the next sidequest. So you really don't need to start construction until about 30 minutes are remaining. Just keep expanding your city and completing available quests for now.

You might also wish to build an additional trading ship since you'll be transporting more and more goods from your northern island as the game continues. This naturally requires a few ropeyards.

Medium sidequest: The assaultEdit

Bring the required 20t bread and 20t linen garments to Al Zahir's harbor. You probably will need to deny these goods from your people for a short period to get enough for this quest, although you should greatly expand production of both bread and linen garments as your city continues to grow.

This quest will give you the fantastic "Oriental master builders" item, which like the item before it reduces the cathedral materials needed by 60% and the time to finish the stage by 60%.

Expanding your cityEdit

Start the cathedral construction whenever you wish, but again you don't need to start it until about 30 minutes remain. Now you'll have a bit of time to expand your settlement as you wait around.

Tip: If you haven't noticed, you can click on the cathedral construction site and see what is required of each stage. This way you can see you'll need glass for the next stage, which you could start producing now although there will be a quest about it shortly.


If you haven't already, you'll need to build more spice farms on the southern island. Build about 4 to 6 more.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 expanded spices

Expanded spice production.


You're also going to need indigo for producing books in order to get noblemen in your city to complete Northburgh's 200 noblemen sidequest. Indigo farms require at least 295 nomads in order to be built. You'll need to expand your oriental settlement by about 15 houses or so.

You cannot grow indigo on your southern island. You'll need to expand to a southern island in the far west. Start the expansion now to be proactive.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 indigo island

Indigo island.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 indigo route

Indigo route.

There also is a small island south of the triangular island as shown on the screenshot, that has two quartz deposits, indigo fertility and enough natural greenery to support two or three indigo farms without the use of a

Stealthy Island Map
noria. You can use this instead of the far western island.

Easy sidequest: Spies sighted [II]Edit

Northburgh will inform you of two spies around the construction site. Grab them to complete the quest. All too easy.

Easy sidequest: MissingEdit

Marie will ask for you to find the cargo from her sunken ship. Sail to the far northwest (the quest incorrectly specifies northeast) and bring the cargo back to her. This will give you the "Masterly Glassblower's pipe," which increases glass production.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 northwest shipwreck cargo

Floating cargo in NW.

Easy sidequest: Spies sighted [III]Edit

Northburgh again asks you to find spies, this time three of them. And you only have three minutes to find them, so hurry.

Hard sidequest: We need glass!Edit

Northburgh wants 5 operational glass smelters. Glass, as you know from prior chapters, requires potash and quartz. Build 3 forest glassworks between your home and northern islands.

Tip: It's recommended to build all 3 forest glassworks on your northern island where you have room and then edit your trade route to supply potash to your main island.

Each quartz quarry and forest glassworks can support two glass smelters. So build 2 quartz quarries on your southern island and change your trade route to also carry quartz in addition to spices to your home island.

Note you should build 3 quartz quarries, but your southern island only has two sources. You can buy quartz from Al Zahir to supplement your supply enough to complete the quest.

Once you have the potash and quartz being produced and delivered, build 5 glass smelters. This will cost a lot so you may have to sell surplus goods and make sure your tax rates are all at yellow.

Hard sidequest: The last contingent IEdit

After you deliver the cargo to Marie from her last quest, she'll ask you for 40t rope because, well, the voices told her things. Anyway, you'll need to build several ropeyards if you don't have any yet.

Build additional hemp plantations as well. Remember the ratio is 1:1 for ropeyards and hemp plantations.

Once you have the 40t rope, send it over to her.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 expanded hemp

Expanded hemp production.

Before completing the next stageEdit

You should be very close to completing the next stage now. Remember to halt construction to let the timer run down before you finish construction just as Lucius finishes as well.

In the meantime, you want to be fulfilling all your patricians needs so that you can get noblemen fairly quickly during the next and final stage of construction to complete Northburgh's 200 noblemen sidequest.


So if you haven't already, start producing books. This requires you set up a paper production chain. Paper is produced at paper mills, which require wood. Paper mills must be built on rivers. Your home island has none.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 central river island

A good paper island.

The northern island has three river locations, however, a better island to use is about in the center of the map, and has three river spot and some grassland for putting lumberjack's huts on, however you could use the northern island, but that's is as good for reasons discussed later.

So build two paper mills and a four lumberjack's huts. Build a new ship if you don't have a free one already, and create a new route to pick up the paper.

Now make sure you have an indigo production chain going on an oriental island to the west. This was mentioned before so hopefully you have this set up with a trading route and all. Note you can also build a quartz quarry or two on this island and ship quartz back home to make more glass.

Now build a printing house or two at home.

Leather JerkinsEdit

Also get a leather jerkins production chain going. They require salt and pig skins. Salt requires a brine deposit with a salt mine built on it and a charcoal burner's hut. You'll want to build all this up north since it has both a river and salt resources. Note that the central island where you hopefully built your paper production has no salt resources, so it's not a good place for leather jerkins productions since you'd have to ship salt there (not efficient). The tannery which makes the leather jerkins must be built on a river, so built one or two of them on the river spots.

Tip: Making each separate island focus only on one or two goods helps keep things simple in games where you're building gigantic cities. It also makes things easier for trade routes since you can have just one "Paper" route and one "Jerkins" route, for example.

Medium quest: Race against time IIEdit

About now you should finish your second stage of construction and start the final stage. You'll only have this last time period left to complete all sidequests. So you need to keep working hard on building your city to the noblemen level.

Tip: You don't lose if you Lucius finishes his first two cathedral building stages before you, although you need to catch up and beat him to the third and final stage or you will lose the game.

Building more housesEdit

One easy way to see if you're missing out on tax revenue is to see if your fish and cider stocks are increasing and reaching max capacity. If so, this means you could be building more peasant houses to increase your tax revenue. Ideally, you want to build enough so your fish and cider reserves are just every so slightly increasing.

So keep building houses to expand your tax base! Remember to temporarily lower the tax rate to one of the green levels so peasants will move in. After a short while, raise it back to yellow.

Tip: When in doubt or financial trouble, build more peasant housing! Houses cost you zero maintenance and are your major source of revenue in the early game (later trading makes you far more money in games where you can reach the highest city sizes).

Hard sidequest: The last contingent IIEdit

After completing the prior sidequest, Marie will ask you for 40t weapons. Temporarily halt production at four of your toolmaker's workshops (or demolish a few of them if you have more than enough tools) and build two weapon smithies to build the weapons for her. Be sure to demolish the weapon smithies once you have 40t weapons because you won't need weapons again.

Easy sidequest: Protest from the very topEdit

Al Zahir finds out Lucius is forcing the Academy of Wisdom scholars to help him. Sail a ship to Al Zahir's warehouse to pick up a "Strange sealed Strongbox" item from him.

Hard sidequest: Messenger serviceEdit

Al Zahir tells you to deliver the strongbox to Ibn al Hakim. Take it to Lucius's warehouse on his island directly south of Al Zahir.

Hard sidequest: Unexpected helpEdit

Karim will offer to help you deliver the strongbox from the prior sidequest, but you need to bring him 2000 gold and 15t paper. Hopefully you already have a paper production chain up and running, so just take the 15t paper to your warehouse on your southern island. Karim will give you "Cardinal Lucius's Flags" which you should move to your ship to disguise the ship.

Now sail the ship with the strongbox back to Lucius's southern island and deliver the item. Lucius will lose control of the island, and his cathedral building timer will have 20 minutes added to it. Hakim will ask you to build a warehouse on the island and make a road connection to his academy. Do soon as soon as possible since he'll greatly benefit you.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 luciussouthernisland strange strongbox

The strongbox.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 unsuspecting lucius

The deception.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 sandstorm at luciussoutherisland

The sandstorm.

Hard sidequest: Against the Black DeathEdit

After a short period, Lucius will poison your entire city. Karim will tell you he recently purchased the "Essence of Life" and will trade it for 10t iron ore. Bring him the iron ore immediately, get the cure, and bring it back right away to stop your people from dying and moving out.

Tip: When playing scenarios and continuous games the Plague will occasionally come to your city once you reach the Noblemen level. It can only be cured by building surgery buildings all over your city and waiting a period of time. Sadly, in the non-campaign world, no miracle cure exists.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 theplague andmassivegoldloss

The plague!

Status checkEdit

You maybe have about 30 to 40 minutes left. Hopefully you've built all 5 glass smelters and are now starting work on the final stage of construction, which takes about 27 minutes.

Tip: If you don't start the final cathedral construction stage before 27 minutes remains, you won't have enough time and you'll have to load an earlier save.

Hopefully you've expanded your city with many new peasant houses and a few churches, so you should be running about +400 gold with the cathedral work going and all civilization levels at the yellow tax rate.

You should also have the production going to meet all the patricians needs and have it all on trade routes being delivered home. Make sure you have enough production going to build up a slight surplus of each to sell for profit.

Tip: You might need to expand your home bread production by adding 2 or 3 new production chains if you haven't previously done this.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 tradingsurplusgoodsforgold

Selling surplus goods.

Speaking of trading, hopefully you've kept your ropeyards going and are regularly selling rope to the NPCs. This will finance this final push to the end. A flagship full of 160 rope, will sell for 6,000 gold when delivered to Al Zahir. You can also sell any other surplus goods if you don't have rope to sell.

Tip: You could use all your accumulating honor points to buy items from Al Zahir, but he doesn't have too much that's useful apart from some levy items and sailors.

If you haven't laid the above groundwork, it's unlikely you'll reach 200 noblemen before the chapter ends.

Tip: You've most likely encountered messages up your norias drying up. Be sure you don't ignore these because then your buildings can't produce when a noria dries up! If you don't have the roughly 1,000 gold to refill the noria, go sell goods quickly and come back to refill it!

Connecting HakimEdit

If you haven't already, immediately connect Hakim to your market building on Lucius's old southern island. Hakim will give you "The Tome on Architecture" item, which is another item that decreases cathedral construction costs by 60% and construction time by 60%. This is a must-have if you want to win on hard difficulty. Deliver it home right away! You'll also need to un-socket the "Essence of Life" item to make room for it.

Now you can also build 1 small noria, 1 date plantation, and 1 goat farm on his island in order to fuel his research. Although, you'll hardly have time for him to research any items, so you can skip this if you want.

Tip: In the scenarios and continuous games, connecting Hakim to your market buildings results in him producing items for you if you supply him with dates and milk. The items he creates are very effective, so you definitely want to seek him out and hook him up if possible.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 academy supplied

A supplied Academy.

Medium sidequest: Spies sighted [IV]Edit

For another time, Northburgh asks you to find spies, this time five of them. And you only have about two minutes to find them, so hurry. Again, they're all around the cathedral site and aren't too hard to find. Use slowdown and the F1 camera if needed.

Easy sidequest: Companionship destroyedEdit

Sometimes Northburgh will inform you Lucius has destroyed one of your marketplaces. Simply rebuild it to complete the quest.

Tip: Note that sometimes this quest doesn't occur. It is not listed in the final end of chapter summary of quests, so don't worry if it doesn't happen.

Medium sidequest: Spies sighted [V]Edit

For another time, Northburgh asks you to find spies, this time four of them. And you only have about two minutes to find them, so hurry.

Medium sidequest: Spies sighted [VI]Edit

For another time, Northburgh asks you to find spies, this time six of them. And you only have about two minutes to find them, so hurry. Getting tired of this yet?

Medium sidequest: Spies sighted [VII]Edit

For another time, Northburgh asks you to find spies, this time eight of them. And you only have about a minute and a half to find them, so hurry. Again, they're all around the cathedral site and aren't too hard to find. Use slowdown and the F1 camera if needed.

Hard sidequest: The return of the NoblemenEdit

Perhaps only about 5, 10 or 15 minutes remains and you're very close to finishing your cathedral. Remember to halt construction before you finish the cathedral so you don't accidentally end the chapter before you finish all your sidequests.

Now you want to finally attract the final 200 noblemen. One effective strategy discussed in a prior chapter is too deny certain goods that you're not quite producing enough of. This way they can stockpile and you can manually ascend patrician houses by putting the tax rate to dark green and denying universal ascension rights from the marketplace screen.

However you do it, just make sure you have about 8 noblemen houses to reach the 200 mark.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 final homeproduction breadlinenscider

Final expanded production.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finally200noblemen

200 Noblemen, at last.

Hard quest: Race against time IIIEdit

At last, you can complete your cathedral, hopefully with a good 10 minute lead or more on Lucius and all sidequests completed so far! You've almost beat the campaign!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 final cathedral

The completed cathedral!

New mission goal: The end of the CardinalEdit

Defeat Cardinal Lucius. "Enraged at his loss, Cardinal Lucius takes up arms. Defeat the Cardinal!"

Medium quest: On the Emperor's ordersEdit

The Emperor has arrived and asks you to destroy all 13 of Lucius's ships. About 8 of his ships will sail directly for you. The others will go after Marie's ships and start the next sidequest. (Lucius will also send ships to Al Zahir's harbor next, so keep some ships behind to defend Al Zahir.) You will get Marie's and Emperor's warships under your command in sufficient numbers for this task, but you may also build 2 or 3 Small warships yourself just to help out in the battle.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-01

Lucius loses the race.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-02

The Emperor arrives.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-03

Emperor: Defeat Lucius!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-04

Lucius loses it.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-05

Marie gives her aid.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-06

A huge battle ensues.

Hard sidequest: ProtectionEdit

Marie will ask you for aid as Lucius attacks her 4 large ships docked at her harbor with 3 of his ships. Make sure at least 1 survives the attack.

Hard sidequest: VengeanceEdit

Lucius will now attack Al Zahir with his three final ships in his fleet. Al Zahir will ask for your help. You must make sure at least 1 of his ships survives.

Easy sidequest: Attack on the CoastEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

Toward the end of this chapter you can spot a small trading ship, belonging to Lucius, on the map's northwest border.

By destroying it, 4 Fisherman's huts on Cathedral City get destroyed as well and you need to rebuild them.

Quest, Attack on the Coast 1

Location of the quest's 'trigger'.

Easy quest: Tardy justiceEdit

The time has come to capture Lucius and bring him to the Emperor. Take your fleet and sail to the reef the Cardinal is hiding out at. Destroy his three final ships and bring him aboard your ship and sail back to the Emperor's boat at the Cathedral city harbor. You've now won the game!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-07

Lucius's last stand.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-08

Lucius in a barrel.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-09

His desperate plea.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-10

The Emperor asks for Lucius.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-11

A job well done.

Ending in-game cutsceneEdit

Cardinal Lucius protests his innocence as he is led away by the Emperor's Knights. The Emperor thanks you and Lord Northburgh for your heroic exploits and grants you the title "Saviour of the Realm." Lord Richard Northburgh explains that it was only your intervention that halted the Crusade between the Orient and the Occident. Marie d'Artois is also relieved to confess that only your actions prevented her from being drawn into a War against the Orient! Grand Vizier Al Zahir is confident that events have drawn your two Peoples closer together and suddenly announces the Sultan's arrival. The Sultan thanks you for having saved his realm from War and aspires to forge even closer diplomatic relations with the Occident.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 endcutscene-01
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 endcutscene-02
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 endcutscene-03
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 endcutscene-04
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 endcutscene-05
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 endcutscene-06
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 endcutscene-07
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 endcutscene-08
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 endcutscene-09
Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 endcutscene-10

Campaign Quests ListEdit

Picture galleryEdit

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