The Manorial Palace is from the Venice-Addon, and is a custom-build palace. The Manorial Palace is the first of several buildings which you can use to tailor your estate to your own needs. Over the course of the game several different auxiliary buildings will be unlocked, which you can then place around your main building as you see fit. There are innumerable ways to combine your main and auxiliary buildings. Let your imagination fly. Together with e.g. cypresses, fountains and hedges you can build your estate the way you want it.

Name Icon Image Size Prerequisite Gold coinsBuilding Cost StoneStone ToolsTools GlassGlass Maintenance costMaint. Cost
Ornamental Wall Ornamental wall
1x1 355 Peasant 50/segment 1/segment n/a n/a n/a
Manorial Palace Manorial palace
7x9 1,190 Patricians 10,000 30 20 30 50
Residential Wing Residential wing
3x3 1,190 Patricians 5,000 5 10 5 20
Corner Corner-palace
3x3 1,190 Patricians 5,000 5 10 5 20
Gatehouse Gatehouse-palace
3x3 1,190 Patricians 5,000 5 10 5 20
Venetian Plaza Venetian plaza
n/a 1,190 Patricians 200/tile n/a (!) n/a n/a n/a
Wing Wing
3x3 950 Nobleman 8,000 10 10 10 30
Great Hall Great hall
3x3 950 Nobleman 8,000 10 10 10 30
Bridge Wing Bridge wing
3x3 950 Nobleman 8,000 10 10 10 30
An example of assembling a Manorial Palace:
Manorial Palace-example

The Manorial Palace, it's like Lego!

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