Large noria
Large noria.png
Building details
Cost Gold coins 2500 Tools 8 Mosaic 30
Maintenance (Inactive) Maintenance cost 40
Size 4 x 6
Prerequisite The Caliph's Favorite + 1040 Envoys
Icon Large noria icon

Makes desert land green, so that it's suitable for farms. One large noria is cheaper to maintain and covers more ground than two small norias.

Once a Noria is almost empty, you'll receive a warning that your noria is drying up. To keep the land not drying again you need to pay 1 gold coin for every ton of water replinished. Use the "up arrow" in the upper right of the noria's info panel to replenish it.

Also see Noria exploit.

Attainments Edit

The Nomads' SecretEdit

Icon Rank Honour Effect
The Nomad's Secret 1 100 Capacity per Noria +500
2 200 Capacity per Noria +1000
3 300 Capacity per Noria +2000

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