Large Oriental trading ship
Large oriental trade ship.jpg
Building details
Cost Gold coins 4000 Wood 50 Ropes 50 Cannons 15
Maintenance (Inactive) Gold coins 50
Production line Oriental shipyard
Prerequisite 1040 Envoys
Cargo holds 5
Sockets 2
Relative speed
to Flagship (1.00)
Full load speed 1.06
Hit points 800
Attack power 6
Attack range 15

These ships are hugely useful due to their large cargo holds and their added cannons. This makes them handy trading ships for southern regions, where there are large amounts of corsairs roaming, especially on harder difficulties. These ships deal 30 damage per shot, but are slightly more powerful than flagship, and their power can be increased by using an upgrade in one of their 2 slots. They are also one of the fastest ships in the fleet, making them useful for attack and/or trade.

They may be not as cost effective as small ships when used on trade routes (unless you use upkeep-reducing items), but are very good when controlled manually - for quests and for moving around building materials.

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