Requires iron ore and coal. Produces iron.

Uses material from one ore mine and one charcoal burner's hut. Iron is used for production of tools and weapons. The iron smelter can supply two toolmaker's workshops or one factory producing weapons.

Iron smelter

Close up of iron smelter, using engine.ini

Iron smelter
Iron smelter 2.png
Building details
Cost Gold coins 600 · Wood 10
Tools 5 · Stone 2
Maintenance (Inactive) Gold coins 20
Size 3 x 3
Produces Iron Iron
Prerequisite 240 Citizens
Optimal build 1 Iron ore ore mine and
1 Coal charcoal burner's hut
for every 1 Iron iron smelter

1 Iron iron smelter can supply:
  2 Tools toolmaker's workshops
  1 Weapons Weapon smithy.
Ore smelter

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