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Difficulty levelsEdit

Anno 1404-campaign difficulty chapter2

Chapter 2 difficulty levels. Click to enlarge.

Beginning narrationEdit

"They came from all the corners of the Empire. Knights, Mercenaries, recruits. They descended on the surrounding Lands like a swarm of locusts. At night one could look out over a sea of camp fires and Tents which shone in the moonlight, a sea which stretched to the very horizon. And enthroned in the middle, like a spider in a web... Guy Forcas... who orchestrated preparations for the imminent Crusade with an iron hand."

Starting in-game cutsceneEdit

Guy Focas enjoys telling you that he has been chosen by the highest authority to assemble a Crusader army. Lord Richard Northburgh is somewhat surprised to learn of Guy Forcas's declaration. Northburgh well-meaningly advises you to diligently comply with Guy Forcas's wishes.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 startcutscene-01
Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 startcutscene-02
Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 startcutscene-03
Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 startcutscene-04
Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 startcutscene-05

Mission goal: In the name of the CrossEdit

Help Guy Forcas with the preparations for the Crusade.


This is a relatively short chapter that introduces the basics of production and city building.

Tip: Slow the game down, there are a lot of quest requests and they come in rather fast. If you're more into the side of the game that is building, you will likely need to slow the game down to get a grasp on doing the quests and building your settlement.

Easy quest: Supply the Crusader armyEdit

Forcas asks for 15 tons of fish and 3 tons of cider for his troops. Before this quest can be completed, you must complete several others listed below.

Easy quest: The Market buildingEdit

Immediately after Forcas's above request, Lord Northburgh asks you to build a new market building; this will extend your building area on your island.

Simply build a market building to complete this quest.

Tip: A market building is not the same as a marketplace. Market buildings collect and store resources from your farms, mines, factories, and fisheries for the entire island to use. Marketplaces are community centers you build houses around.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 market building build

Build a market building.

Tip: You can drag items from the build menu to a build quick access bar. To do this click on any build item and hold the mouse button down and drag outside of the build menu and you'll see quick access bar locations appear. It is very useful to set up the most common build items in these bars, such as houses, market buildings, marketplaces, and dirt roads. See the interface and menu pages for more information.

Easy quest: Cool drinksEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 cider farm building

Build a cider farm.

Next, Lord Northburgh will ask you to build a cider farm. Note what you have so far: two lumberjack's huts, a fishing hut, and a chapel. Since you don't have any cider farms currently, you will need to build them.

Tip: Cider farms will also satisfy the final need for your peasants, enabling them to upgrade to a higher civilization level of citizens.

To build a cider farm, build a small market building north of town, and build the cider farm right next to your market building.

Easy quest: A searching lookEdit

The game tells you you can left-click your Cider farm and see its productivity.

Easy quest: To work!Edit

Northburgh instructs you to create Fields for the cider farm. A cider farm is the first building that requires you to create "fields" around it where apples are grown. You place fields by left-clicking on the newly built cider farm and clicking the "Create Fields" button that looks like a gate.

Tip: You can also have the game automatically plant all the fields for you by clicking the large "Cultivate" icon that looks like a water can when a cider farm is selected. The downside is the game very rarely optimally places the fields so space isn't used efficiently. Although, space only matters once you build a very large city, so the "Cultivate" button can save you time, even if hand-placement is always superior.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 cultivating cider farm

Place cider fields.

Easy quest: Ready for collectionEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 cider farm connecting

Connect the farm.

Now simply connect the Cider farm to the Market building by building a dirt road.

Tip: Now you simply have to wait a short period for cider to get produced and moved into your warehouse. To speed up the process, you can always press the fast-forward key (default key is +) to accelerate time.

You will want to use the fast-forward key very often during the game.

Tip: You may find your people are consuming all the goods your producing so you don't have enough to load into your ship. If this ever happens where a good you need to transport is being used up by your people, you can deny them access to this good. To do so, you click on a house type and click on a need type like Food, then click on the icon on the needs wheel. See the needs page for more details.

Finishing the quest: Supply the Crusader armyEdit

Once enough cider is produced, load your ship with 15t Fish and 3t Cider and sail to Forcas to finish this quest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 forcas provisions

Delivering the goods.

Easy quest: A messenger from the WarEdit

Forcas asked you to deliver a letter to Marie D'Artois. Sail your ship to her island. Remember you can hover your mouse cursor over the quest icon on the left hand side to see a flashing red circle on the mini-map to tell you where to go.

On your way there, Lord Northburgh will ask you to open the letter. Select your ship and left-click on the letter.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 marie reading the letter

Read the letter.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 marie delivering letter

Deliver the letter.

Easy quest: In new GarmentsEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 new ship from forcas

A shiny new ship.

Forcas asks you to produce and deliver 5t Linen garments to him. He gives you a new ship to help with all his tasks.

To take control of the new ship, go to your warehouse and click on the ship nearby with the pointing arrow.

Tip: Remember you can assign hot-keys to ships using Ctrl and the number keys.

Tip: This is you first time having to multi-task. You now have two ships and two separate quest chains to complete, which can be done in any order. Fortunately, this chapter is very easy, but in the future you may wish to use the slow-motion key (the minus key by default) when you want to do several tasks quickly without much in-game time passing.

We'll produce the Linen garments shortly, but first let's do the next quest.

Easy sidequest: Unwilling volunteersEdit

After meeting Marie, Forcas will ask you to recruit 10 Knights from your settlement.

What he's actually asking is for you to find 10 knights who are walking about your settlement.

This is your first of many "Where's Waldo/Wally" type quests in the game. This one's quite easy because your settlement is so tiny, but later quests like this require some serious zoomed-in searching.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 forcas recruiting knights

Search carefully!

Tip: For the "Find such and such" quests it's extremely helpful to go into Postcard view by pressing F1. Make sure you don't have any buildings selected and then you can move around with the arrow keys while in this mode. Once you found someone, cancel Postcard view and go into close-up camera mode by pressing F2. Then click all around them and you'll capture them.

Tip: You can go to your warehouse strong room to see who you've found so far. To do so, click on any market building or your warehouse, then click the middle tab that has a picture of a closed chest on it.

Easy sidequest: Transfer of SoldiersEdit

Load the 10 Knights onto your ship and sail them to Forcas's island.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 transporting the knights

Loading the Knights.

Easy quest: The Hemp plantationEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 hemp building

Hemp plantation.

Now it's time to make those Linen garments Forcas wanted. You might have already done this since many of this Chapter's quests can be done in any order. If not, start by building a Hemp plantation on your island next to the cider plantation you previously built.

Again, you can manually place the four fields required around the Hemp plantation or you can use the "Cultivate" icon to automatically create them. Then make sure you place a road from the Hemp plantation to your market building.

Tip: It's very convenient to use the default build menu key of (B) when you need to quickly access the build menu.

Easy quest: Finest WeavingEdit

Now you need to build a Weaver's hut, which will take the Hemp you're growing and produce Linen garments with it. As the quest journal says, you can place the Weaver's hut close to your Hemp plantation and then the Weaver's hut doesn't need a road directly to the Hemp plantation since its people will walk over and grab the Hemp directly from the plantation. However, you can still build a road if you wish.

To build the Weaver's hut, open the citizens tab in your build menu and find the icon for the Weaver's hut.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 linen building placement

What? ...the linens?

Easy quest: A second PlantationEdit

Northburgh tells you that a second Hemp plantation is needed to have your Weaver's hut run at full productivity. Simply build another Hemp plantation next to your first one.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 two hemp one linen

Idealic linen production chain.

Tip: Rather than go into the build menu again to build another Hemp plantation, you can use the very handy Pipette tool, which will clone whatever building or road you click on. The default key for it is (N), although it is easier to bind it to a key like (E) when using WASD for camera movement.

Tip: This is your first multi-building production chain. There are certain ideal building ratios for all multi-building production chains. For instance, two Hemp plantations can support one Weaver's hut optimally. You always want to get the ratios right to maximize production of goods and minimize building maintenance costs. See the production chains page, which lists the optimal combination of buildings for each chain.

Tip: Another key principle is that each building that produces a good can support a certain amount of people. For instance, one Weaver's hut (with two Hemp plantations to draw from) can produce enough Linen garments for about 600 inhabitants (150 peasants and 450 citizens). An extremely useful calculator where you can input your population and it will tell you how many buildings you need can be found here.

Tip: Proper building layouts will become more important later on when space is tight on your land. Generally when you place a new market building out in open land, you want to build production buildings on the four corners of the market building, as close as possible.

Easy quest: Weapon belt and LanceEdit

Marie asks you to pick up a Weapons crate from Northburgh's Stone quarry. Sail you ship there and accept the item from Northburgh. Now sail back up to Marie and give her the weapons.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 weapons for marie loading

Weapons for Marie.

Medium sidequest: Rescue at SeaEdit

Marie asks you to deliver 10t wood to a ship at sea. You can either sail a ship back to your warehouse and load up 10t wood, or you can more simply purchase enough wood from Marie at your warehouse. Either way, next sail to the broken ship.

Tip: This is the first time you might purchase goods directly from another player's warehouse. You can oftentimes do this, although this is mostly used in scenarios and continuous games, not in the campaign. See the linked page for help information on buying and trading in general.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 marie helping her ship

The damaged ship.

Finishing the quest: In new GarmentsEdit

Now that your Hemp plantations and Weaver's huts have been producing goods for a while, load a ship with 5t Linen garments and sail it to Forcas.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 delivering linens

Send in the linens.

Easy quest: Rope teamsEdit

Forcas asks for 3t of rope. Northburgh will tell you how to do this in a following quest.

Easy sidequest: The Crusade swimmersEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!
Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 crusade swimmers

Crusade swimmers.

At any time during this chapter, you can sail your ship southwest and encounter a small archipelago. If you investigate it, you'll receive a message from Guy Forcas stating that several deserters went overboard in those waters and that he would like you to collect them. There are five deserters; simply right-click on them to collect them. After that, deliver them to Forcas's warehouse on the island west of your settlement.

Tip: Remember to press and hold (+) to accelerate time and shorten voyages, if you have nothing else to do while the ship sails.

Tip: After you deliver the deserters, you could keep your ship at Forcas's island, but it's usually best to sail all idle ships back to your main island so they are ready at a moment's notice to load up goods and sail somewhere else. Your main island also tends to be centrally located on the map, so keeping your ships idle in the center of the map allows them to get to any point quickly, as opposed to having them idle in some far corner of the map.

Easy quest: The RopeyardEdit

To build a Ropeyard, you need at least 240 citizens in your settlement. You probably don't have this many unless you've been building new houses throughout this chapter. So before you can build the Ropeyard, you need to build a number of new houses. Three is actually enough.

Once you reach 240 citizens, the game will tell you that you have more building options. Now try to build the Ropeyard. You might not have enough tools if you built other buildings. Remember, you can sail a ship to Northburgh's warehouse to buy more.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 ropeyard placement

Placing the ropeyard.

Tip: If you ever want to quickly check how many of each class of people live in your city, you can click on the population total in the bottom-left of the screen. This will display a breakdown of each class. It's a good idea to read most of the Population page to get good understanding of how Anno 1404's population works.

Medium quest: Supply the RopeyardEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 ropes being produced

Producing ropes.

You'll finish this quest in a few moments after you completed the last quest. You just need to wait for the Ropeyard to grab some Hemp from the Hemp fields, produce some Rope, and then deliver the first Ropes to your warehouse.

Tip: You can always check how efficiently your production buildings are running at by clicking on them. A percentage is listed in the middle. Ideally, you want this percentage to be 90%+. Note it takes some time to ramp up productivity when the building is first built. If the percentage is low, it means the building can't get the required goods it needs or there aren't enough fertile fields for it to use.

A note about production chainsEdit

A production chain is defined as the entire process of creating some product from start to finish. In Anno 1404 some goods require only one building to produce such as Cider only requiring a Cider farm. However, many goods require multiple buildings that process goods to produce the final product. For instance, Rope is an example of a simple production chain that has only two steps: the Hemp plantations and the Ropeyard. Later, you'll encounter much more complex production chains.

Note that a Ropeyard requires only one Hemp plantation to run efficiently. But since your other two Hemp plantations are being used for the Weaver's hut, it is best to build a new Hemp plantation for the Ropeyard's use. If you don't do this, you will slowly run out of Hemp in stock, and the Ropeyard and Weaver's hut will not run at 100%.

Tip: You always want to create the correct number of buildings for each supply chain. The game rarely tells you what is ideal, and there's no easy way to determine the proper amounts of buildings required for complex production chains. You could monitor them and see what's ideal but that's tedious. It's best to refer to the production chain ratios page. Eventually, you'll have all the proper ratios memorized. Truly obsessive players can recite all 30+ production chain ratios from memory!

Finishing easy quest: Rope teamsEdit

Now that you have 3t rope in storage, load it up and sail it on over to Forcas.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 ropes loading

Loading ropes.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 ropes delivery

Delivering ropes.

Easy quest: Monk soughtEdit

Forcas asks you to find Brother Hilarius. See the very next quest for how to do this.

Easy quest: Land seizureEdit

When you sail close to the Monastery island, Northburgh will tell you to build a Warehouse on it. This will be the first time you've ever settled on a new island. Settling a new island requires you sail to the coast of an island and build a new warehouse, as Northburgh says.

Tip: Building a warehouse requires 300 gold, 3t wood, and 2t tools, so save time by loading the wood and tools on your ship before sailing to the island.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 monastery island

The Monastery island.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 monastery warehouse placement

Warehouse placement.

Once there, simply select your ship and click the glowing Build Warehouse icon when near the coast. Now to complete Forcas's original quest, just build a road to the gate of the monastery, which is marked by a floating exclamation point.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 hilarius loading

Loading Hilarius. No joke.

Easy sidequest: The FeastEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

If you click on the warehouse on Northburgh's "Stone quarry" island, you'll get a quest to deliver 10t fish. Just sail a ship with the goods to the warehouse on that island. This quest is probably the most commonly missed quest for this chapter.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 the feast delivery

Delivering the feast.

Easy quest: The blessing of the WeaponsEdit

Simply take Brother Hilarius to Forcas. This will end the chapter, so make sure you've done the missable quests before finishing this quest.

Ending in-game cutsceneEdit

Guy Forcas asks Brother Hilarius to start blessing the Weapons. Brother Hilarius begins the ceremony with a very solemn air. Cardinal Lucius grants you the title of "Knight of the Cross" for your efforts in the War preparations, and states that he will henceforth assign you more important Quests.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 endcutscene-01
Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 endcutscene-02
Anno 1404-campaign chapter2 endcutscene-03

Campaign Quests ListEdit