Ibn al Hakim
Ibn al Hakim
Difficulty Neutral
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Ibn al Hakim's Academy of WisdomEdit

  • Hemisphere: South
  • Requires: Dates, Milk
  • Provides: Items and improved ship (25%), army (25%) and monument (15%) production.

Items he can give are Construction Plans (for a full list, see the Handyman achievement), Custom Officers, Warriors and Seamen.


Ibn al Hakim wants dates and milk; specifically, 1 ton of each per minute. A date farm costs 45 maintenance per minute and produces 4 tons of dates per minute; a goat farm costs 20 maintenance per minute and produces 1.5 tons of milk per minute. If you are shipping excess dates and milk to your oriental population (i.e., not wasting any excess), Ibn al Hakim is using one-fourth of the date farm and two-thirds of the goat farm, for a cost of 25 gold/minute to run the Academy. Make it 35 if you have a dedicated small market building... or let's just call it 30 gold/minute.

A sample of the Academy's output (36 items) was tallied with an eye toward resale Honor value:

Time (min) Resale value
Minimum 10.1 15
Average 32.3 60.7
Std. Dev. 24.4 41.8
Maximum 131 175
There is no correlation between the time needed and the resale value.

Although there is considerable variability, Ibn al Hakim produces an Item worth about 60 Honor (resale value) every 30 minutes.

In these 30 minutes, the Academy has cost about 900 gold. Thus, viewed strictly as a source of Honor (via resale), Ibn al Hakim charges about 15 gold/honor (900 gold / 60 honor). This compares favorably to other ways of "Buying Honor".

Of course, you will probably want to use some of his nicer products - and you've gotten them very cheaply!

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