Grand Vizier Al Zahir
Grand Vizier Al Zahir
Difficulty Neutral
Icon Al Zahir icon

The Grand Vizier Al Zahir is the central figure of the East. Al Zahir offers quests for the player to earn honor, goods, and/or money.

Al Zahir's central role is the advisor and mentor of Oriental settlements. At Lord Northburgh's warehouse, the player can purchase with honor prestige scrolls that are given to Al Zahir as a gift, allowing the player to create and expand oriental settlements. After the first presitge scroll is given to Al Zahir, the player gets a loaded caravel, which can be used to establish a settlement in the Orient. Each additional prestige advancement opens up new buildings, which are required for the development of the oriental settlements of the player.

Most of his attainments require nomads and envoys, but the first two attainments (Extended Trade Treaty and Treasures of the Orient) do not take effect until the Noblemen stage is reached. This means even if you can complete the attainment list from Al Zahir in the Patrician stage, you cannot buy goods or items from the section because the register won't appear.

Passive Trade Edit

Al Zahir is always willing to trade with you, but won't passively buy any oriental items (they still can be sold actively at his harbour). His buying power was the highest of all the neutral powers, easily exceeding the value of 30,000 coins when trading (though this was surpassed by Giacomo Garibaldi in the addon).

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