Espionage is a new game-play aspect added by Anno 1404: Venice. You can build a Base of Operations and then send out spies to enemy settlements to conduct various distruptive acts.

Defending your cityEdit

To help prevent espionage in your settlements, you can build enough Base of Operations buildings to cover the entire settlement. This increases the chance your Base of Operation will spot enemy spies, at which point you'll have a very short period of time to manually find the spy creeping around your city and left-click on him to remove him.

  • Manual House Searches can be performed by selecting any house of citizen level or higher and selecting "Detect enemy Henchmen." The cooldown on this operation can be reduced with the Counter-Espionage attainment.
  • Informants have a chance to detect enemy bases of operation on an island. They are purchased from Garibaldi and socketed on a ship.

Note: enemy spies do not have a blue outline around them like other "wanted persons" do during various quests.

Types of espionageEdit

Your spies can carry out specifics acts depending on what house type they are hiding out at. Each house type has exactly one espionage action your spy can use.

  • Citizen house: Arson
  • Patrician house: Rebellion
  • Noblemen house: Well poisoning
  • Nomad house: Belly dancer
  • Envoy house: False prophet

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