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Difficulty levelsEdit

Anno 1404-campaign difficulty chapter3

Chapter 3 difficulty levels. Click to enlarge.

Beginning narrationEdit

"Cardinal Lucius. The mere mention of his name made men shiver and fall silent. Although it was never mentioned openly, rumour had it he pursued his interests with merciless rigour. Is this why the Emperor gave him command of the Crusade? Or had Lucius acquired his powers by more sinister means? While the whole world was wondering what the Cardinal was planning he was already thinking of building a Harbour from which the massive Army would soon set sail for the Orient to seize the Promised Land."

Starting in-game cutsceneEdit

Cardinal Lucius is satisfied with your previous services and asks you to build a Harbour for the Crusader fleet. Ambitious Guy Forcas however, persuades Cardinal Lucius that it would better to assign him the responsibility for the Harbour construction. Cardinal Lucius grants Guy Forcas his request and puts him in charge of building the Harbour and departs. Forcas smugly tells you that he will use you for the more menial tasks.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 startcutscene-01
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 startcutscene-02
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 startcutscene-03
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 startcutscene-04
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 startcutscene-05
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 startcutscene-06

Mission goal: A Harbour for the CrusadersEdit

Build a Harbour for the Crusader army in Port Sacral in the Southwest.


This chapter introduces you to trade routes, mining raw minerals, creating tools, and general goods transport between islands.

Tip: At the start of this chapter you don't have enough fish and cider being produced. Build an additional fisherman's hut and another cider farm in order to better satisfy your people.

Easy quest: Building beginsEdit

Sail your ship to Port Sacral and build a warehouse there. Remember to take at least 3t wood and 2t tools to build the warehouse.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 sacral warehouse placement

Building a warehouse.

Easy quest: A stony matterEdit

Stone is required for the harbour master's office which Forcas has asked you to build. The only stone deposits available to you on this map are on Hookburgh, to the Northwest. Send a ship there loaded with at least 2t wood and 2t tools and build a stonemason's hut.

Tip: The stonemason's hut is your first production building that uses natural resource deposits. Each island only has so many natural resources. They can be seen by focusing on an island then clicking on the icons next to the island name in the top-middle of the screen.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 hookburgh stone quarry

New stone quarry.

Tip: If you forget to bring wood and tools, you can buy them directly from Brother Hilarius at his monastery, though it will take a few minutes for his supply train to travel from the monastery to your warehouse.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 hilarius buying from

Buying from Hilarius.

Easy quest: The Transport shipEdit

Northburgh tells you to build a transport ship to move goods between islands, but you will first need to complete the next quest.

Easy quest: The launchEdit

To build the transport ship you will first need to build a small shipyard. This requires stone, which you will have to manually transport from Hookburgh to your main settlement. Transport at least 4t of stone. Once the shipyard is built, this quest is completed. Left-click the shipyard and select the small trading ship to begin its construction. Once the trading ship is built, "The Transport ship" quest is completed.

Tip: You can set the destination you want your newly-built ships to sail to upon leaving the shipyard by left-clicking the shipyard, then right-clicking on the desired location in the ocean. A small floating flag marks the spot where your new ships will sail to.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 shipyard built

The new shipyard.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 ship building

The new ship, arg!

Easy sidequest: The important thingsEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 trade route stone

Stone route.

Set up a trade route for transferring goods between islands. You can access the trade route screen using F6 or by clicking the starburst icon in the bottom-right of the screen. Click "Create new Route" then "Add Warehouse" and select Falconstone. Then click the plus button to load +40 stone. Now click "Add Warehouse" and select Port Sacral (to complete quest - after switch to Cathedral city) then click the minus button to unload -40 stone. Lastly click "Add Ship" and select your new trading ship. Exit the trade route screen and your ship will automatically start following the trade route. You can also rename the trade route, which is very helpful in later chapters when you can have as many as 20 to 40 trade routes at once.

Tip: Trade routes are incredibly essential to efficient empire building. They can be tricky to understand at first and can have many subtleties, so please read the trading page for more information.

Medium quest: The Harbour master's officeEdit

Now that you have a trade route regularly delivering stone to your main island, load your flagship with at least 3t wood, 5t tools and 14t stone and sail to Port Sacral. Build a harbour master's office there to complete this quest. If you have enough materials, you can save yourself some traveling time by bringing along an additional 2t wood, 3t tools and 4t stone which you will need soon for the Provisions For A Thousand Men quest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 harbour master

A harbour with a master.

Tip: In addition to creating a harbour area, harbour master's offices are another place where other players can trade with you. You need not use them for this purpose during the campaign, but they're useful in larger scenario and continuous games.

Medium sidequest: Cathedral construction delayedEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 northburgh stone sidequest

Richard needs stone, badly.

If you click on the cathedral construction site in Northburgh's settlement, he'll ask you for 5t stone. Deliver it and he rewards you with 5t rope. This quest is repeatable, and a quick way to get rope for an upcoming quest in which you build four small trading ships.

Tip: You can continue to repeat this quest and immediately sell the rope back to Northburgh at his port. This is a good way to make money if you're short on funds.

Easy quest: Provisions for a thousand menEdit

Forcas wants you to expand the warehouse in Port Sacral to store supplies for the Crusade. This requires 2t wood, 3t tools and 4t stone. Click on the warehouse and then on the upgrade button (the icon of a building with a green up-arrow).
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 sacral upgrading warehouse


Medium sidequest: Doublets and TunicsEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 marie linens delivery

Wood for a hammer.

To get this sidequest, click on Marie's d'Artois' warehouse in Inglebeck. She asks you for 10t linen garments to help clothe her knights. Deliver these to her before you build the 4 small storehouses for the Final Preparations quest or you will be unable to complete this quest. If you can, also bring along 40t wood for the quest she gives you immediately afterward.

Medium sidequest: High demandEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 marie wood delivery

Wood for a hammer.

This quest should start right after you deliver the linen garments to Marie d'Artois. If it doesn't, click on her warehouse to get it. She asks you for 40t wood to help her build more ships. As in the previous quest, deliver this to her before you build the 4 small storehouses for the Final Preparations quest or you will be unable to complete this quest.

When you deliver the wood, Marie gives you the "Shipwright's hammer" which reduces the amount of building materials required to construct your ships by 50%. This is the first item you receive that can be plugged into sockets inside your warehouses. Take the hammer back to your main island and place it in your warehouse there so your shipyard can start benefiting from it.

Tip: You'll find many more items like the "Shipwright's hammer" which can be used to improve the capabilities of your warehouses. To use them, you can either move the item into the strong room of your warehouse and then left-click it to install it into a socket, or, if you transfer the item directly from your ship, it will be placed automatically into an open socket. As you upgrade your warehouses, more slots become available to you. Your ships also come with sockets to improve their capabilities. The number of sockets per ship varies. For example, a small trading ship has only one socket, but your flagship comes equiped with two.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 shipwrights hammer socketing


Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 shipwrights hammer now socketed

Now socketed.

Easy quest: Final preparationsEdit

Storehouses increase the number of goods you can store per island. You can check the total storage capacity of each island by clicking on the warehouse, a market building, or a harbour master's office. The number in the upper-right of the building window is how many tons of each item you can store. With the recent upgrade to its warehouse, Port Sacral can now store 50 tons of every type of good.

For this quest, transport enough wood, tools, and stone to be able to build 4 small storehouses. The total required is 16t wood, 16t tools, and a minimum of 4t stone (as with other harbour buildings, storehouses may require more stone depending on how far out into the harbour you wish them to extend). Build the storehouses now to complete the quest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 sacral four storehouses

Four storehouses of the apocalypse?

Tip: You may also notice you are getting full of certain goods at your main settlement. You can only store 40 tons of each good unless you upgrade your warehouse or build storehouses. When your storage capacity is maxed out, your production buildings cannot continue to produce goods and a blue exclamation mark appears above them. This means they are no longer earning you income, but you are still paying for their maintenance. To remedy this you can sell your excess goods to Northburgh, either actively or passively. Again, refer to the trading page.

New mission goal: In the service of Guy ForcasEdit

Help Guy Forcas equip the Crusader army. "The preparations for the Crusade are far from complete, and Guy Forcas still has numerous Quests for you. Follow his orders to the letter and help him prepare the main Crusader army for departure."

Easy sidequest: Bread and circusesEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 tavern placement

A tavern (circus?) for all!

Build a tavern in your settlement. A tavern satisfies your citizens' need for Amusement, so build it so that its area of influence covers as many houses as possible. Needs are one of the most fundamental aspects of game-play. See the Needs page to learn more.

Easy quest: Treasure in the MountainEdit

Build an ore mine in Hookburgh. You will need 12t wood, 2t tools and 2t stone. If you are low on wood or tools, you can purchase them directly from Brother Hilarius. Your ore mine will also need a road connecting it to a storage building.

Tip: Brother Hilarius may mention something to you about missing children. This is the premise for the next chapter, not a quest in this chapter.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 hookburgh iron mine built

The new iron mine.

Easy quest: Hot IronEdit

Build an iron smelter near the iron mine. You will need 10t wood, 5t tools, and 2t stone. Position the smelter so that the iron mine is within its area of influence.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 hookburgh iron smelter

Smelting for fun and profit.

Easy quest: A fire in the ForgeEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 hookburgh charcoal burners

Charcoal burner.

You will also need to build a charcoal burner's hut (3t wood, 2t tools, 2t stone) in order for your iron smelter to fully process the iron ore into iron. Position the hut so that the iron smelter is within the hut's area of influence.

Tip: After constructing all these buildings it's possible you are now making a negative income. You can solve this by clicking on one of your houses and moving the tax load slider into the light green or yellow range. See the taxation page for more details on this important topic.

Medium quest: Naval maneuversEdit

Forcas orders you to build 4 small trading ships to expand his fleet. Build these at your shipyard. With the shipwright's hammer, you should have enough gold, wood, and rope to produce these (a total of 6000 gold, 32t wood, and 40t rope). If not, you can still click on the build button to queue up the ships and construction will begin when enough materials are available. You may also need to build a house or two to increase the maximum number of ships you're currently allowed.

When the ships are finished, sail them to Forcas' warehouse in Tuckingham.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 four trading ships queue

Four ships queued.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 four ships delivery

Four ships delivered.

Easy quest: Safety firstEdit

Marie d'Artois asks you to build a repair crane in the Port Sacral harbour to repair her damaged ship and to ensure her fleet is in the best possible condition before sailing to the Orient. You will need 1020 gold, 5t wood, 5t tools, and a minimum of 9t stone. Once the crane is built, Marie repairs her ship and sets sail. Northburgh recommends that you change your trade route to include delivering goods to Port Sacral as well.

Tip: Lord Northburgh will no longer sell you tools as his surplus is now reserved for the Crusade effort. You will have to purchase tools from Brother Hilarius until you build a toolmaker's workshop and can make them yourself.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 sacral repair crane

A repair crane.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 marie leaves

Marie leaves us.

Medium quest: Molten IronEdit

Your iron production should now be up and running on Hookburgh. When you have accumulated 10 tons of iron, deliver it Forcas in to Tuckingham.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 iron delivery

Have some iron.

Easy quest: Hammer and sawEdit

Northburgh suggests you use the iron to build tools rather than have it sit idle. Build a workshop on Hookburgh.

Tip: One fully productive iron smelter can support two toolmaker's workshops, so consider building two. Remember you can consult the production chains page when figuring out how many of which buildings to build.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 hookburgh first toolmaker

Tools production.

Easy sidequest: Population censusEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

Now that Marie has left, her city is vacant. Click on her warehouse on Inglebeck, and a citizen will talk to you which will start two optional sidequests.

Tip: Make sure you don't finish the chapter before finishing these sidequests!

For the first sidequest, simply go to your marketplace in Inglebeck and click on the "Inhabitants overview" tab.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 inglebeck sidequest start

The people's plight..

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 inglebeck inhabitant overview

A very useful window.

Tip: As discussed in chapter 1, marketplaces provide very crucial information. The "Inhabitants overview" tab tells you how many of each class of people are in your city and how full your houses are. Consult it often.

Hard sidequest: A huge responsibilityEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

When Marie d'Artois departs with her fleet for the Orient, chaos begins to spread in Inglebeck. Most of the buildings soon collapse and the settlement becomes all but abandoned. This sidequest requires you to rebuild Inglebeck and to get 500 citizens (not just inhabitants) to move back in. Generally speaking, you will need to build about 15 more houses, a new church, a new tavern, a few more fisherman's huts, a couple cider plantations, a few more hemp plantations, and a weaver's hut. It can also help to demolish the ropeyard or at least to have it halt production.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 inglebeck barren city

The barren city.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 inglebeck church placement

The new Chapel.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 inglebeck new cider hemp linens

New crops.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 trade route to inglebeck

Redirected route.

Since your other settlements no longer require more tools or stone, you will want to alter your trade route(s) so that all your goods are delivered to Inglebeck. To redirect a route, you will have to remove your home port from the route and add the new city, then select the goods again. Unfortunately, you can't just simply change ports for an existing point on the route.

When you take control of this city by accepting this sidequest, your gold income may drop below zero. This is because you now own all the extra buildings on this island. Quickly build new peasant houses to increase your tax income.

After a short while of building new peasant houses, the houses should start to upgrade and your citizen population should start to increase. Keep checking the Inhabitant overview tab. The first screenshot below shows that currently 384 out of 435 citizens live in the settlement. This means another 65 houses need to upgrade to reach the goal of 500.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 inglebeck almost 500 citizens

Almost there.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 inglebeck 500 citizens

500 reached!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 inglebeck scenic 500 citizens

Beautiful scenic Inglebeck.

Forcas's strange shipsEdit

Check out the small island just south of Port Sacral. You'll see several coffin ships and, if you click on the building there, Forcas will warn you to keep out of matters that don't concern you. You'll find out more about this in the next chapter.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 forcas mystery island

What are these ships?

Medium quest: Involuntary serviceEdit

Deliver 15t tools to Forcas's large warship in Port Sacral. This will end the chapter so make sure you've finished all the sidequests first.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 forcas final delivery tools

The final delivery.

Ending in-game cutsceneEdit

Lord Richard Northburgh asks you to visit him as soon as possible because he has worrying news about the Crusade. Guy Forcas impatiently urges his sailors to load the mysterious Cargo onto the Rustbuckets and finally set sail for the Orient.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 endcutscene-01
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 endcutscene-02
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 endcutscene-03

Campaign Quests ListEdit