Cuno von Rembold
Cuno von Rembold
Difficulty Neutral
Icon Cuno von Rembold icon
Once you connect with him, Cuno will ask for supplies in order to conduct an excavation. The excavation will take 5 minutes, with about a 30 minute cool-down until he will do another one.

He always asks for two goods in three quantities, Modest, Adequate, or Huge. These are always in multiples; Adequate is two times Modest, and Huge is four times Modest. One item always seems to be a common construction material, and the other is somewhat random, but arguably related to excavating (at least, compared to other goods in the game). Examples of the second item are fish, tools, wine, barrels, and candles. You would be wise to sock away some barrels from Northburg when you can, if you plan to work Cuno a lot. He asks for up to 80 goods for Huge excavations, so plan to add storage to his island if you want to commission him a lot.

One nice thing about Cuno is that he has no time limits. You can take as long as you want to gather the materials. He doesn't ask for something you're not technologically capable of making, but whether it's trouble for you to, e.g., interrupt your candlestick chain to get candles, is another story.

It is possible for him to find a dud (an Item with no effect), even on a Huge excavation - but it is very rare for Huge excavations, perhaps 1 in 20 times. Examples are a Smashed Artifact or Parts of a Skeleton, but even his duds can be re-sold for 25 Honor. It seems more likely, for smaller digs.

He never produces trade toll or productivity Items, or any "person" item (a veteran crewman or army leader). But he produces items affecting towns (expanding building-affect areas), sextants, sailcloths, Massive Fire, Imperial longsword of the Regency (army damage +30% for 5 minutes), Signet ring of the General (army maintenance -20%), and the like. Perhaps one of his best finds is the Rosary of the holy penitent because it increases the area of not only Churches, but also, all those pesky little Chapels one has to build.

Strictly from a point of view of Honor resale value (which is, of course, half of the Buy Honor value), the items he finds have a minimum value of 15, median of 150, average of 126 ± S.D. 65, and a maximum of 200 (sample size 27, Huge excavations only). There is no apparent correlation between the goods he asks for (wine or fish), and the Items he finds (again, Huge excavations only).

If you want to view him as a source of Honor, he takes 5 minutes to excavate and about 30 minutes to recover, but it may take you 10 minutes to get him his supplies, on average. Thus if he makes 126 resale-value Honor every 45 minutes, he makes about 170 honor per hour. The author of this article has not tallied the cost of goods supplied to him, but by comparison, The Academy of Wisdom produces about 120 resale-value Honor per hour, although at (probably) far lesser cost. Cuno can be a solid source of resale Honor, if you are in a position to utilize him.

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