Anno 1404-campaign chapter4 corsairs boarding

A Corsair ship battling a flagship

Corsair ship
Building details
Cost Gold coins 11700
Maintenance (Inactive) Gold coins 25
Cargo holds 2
Sockets 2
Relative speed
to Flagship (1.00)
Full load speed 0.60
Hit points 500
Attack power 4/5/7
Attack range 15

The corsair ship is unlike the other types of ship, in that the only thing it is meant for, war, it is not completely adapted to. It is very slow, about the same speed as a small trading ship, and is unable to hold many goods. It doesn't much damage, but it has the advantage of having a built in repair, so it repairs itself without the need of an item. This is its main, if only, advantage. This ship is only obtainable through buying it from the corsairs, or boarding another players and capturing it.

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