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Difficulty levelsEdit

Anno 1404-campaign difficulty chapter6

Chapter 6 difficulty levels. Click to enlarge.

Beginning narrationEdit

"Flotsam and burning wrecks lined the Coast. The air was thick with gunpowder and smoke. Guy Forcas's Fleet suffered a crushing blow but the War was far from over! A mighty Army under Cardinal Lucius's command was already on the march. Marie d'Artois was to pay for her change of heart with her life. Thus decreed Lucius whose advance party would soon reach Marie's Lands."

Starting in-game cutsceneEdit

Battered and weak, you and Marie d'Artois arrive at her Fortress island, Edenisle, just in time. A little later, an enraged Cardinal Lucius reaches the shore of an Island nearby and swears he will seek revenge on you for thwarting the Crusade. Overwhelmed by the latest battle, Marie d'Artois asks you to defend her City against Cardinal Lucius.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 startcutscene-01
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 startcutscene-02
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 startcutscene-03
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 startcutscene-04
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 startcutscene-05
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 startcutscene-06
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 startcutscene-07
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 startcutscene-08
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 startcutscene-09

Mission goal: The last bastionEdit

Defend Marie d'Artois's Keep in the Center of Edenisle.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 marie start askforhelp

Help Marie!


This chapter introduces island defense strategies, and is the first chapter to factor in time constraints as you have to defend yourself from ever-more-quickly attacking waves of enemies.

Tip: It's very helpful to play much of this chapter in slow-motion mode. Drag the slowdown button to a toolbar for easy access during the chapter. Note that you'll need to turn on slow-motion mode after each time you load a saved game.

Tip: This chapter can be tough for new players or extremely easy for knowledgeable players. This is because Anno 1404's combat system is quite strange and can be easily exploited, both against and by the player.

The one thing you can do to make this chapter quite easy is to build multiple expansive layers of walls with no gates all around your city. This makes Cardinal Lucius virtually unable to reach you, even on Hard. This strategy will be explained throughout this walk-through.

Note: There is actually a Military Achievement called "Man the Battlements!" you can unlock if you manage to beat this level on hard without losing a single encampment. With the wall building strategy discussed in this walkthrough, this is quite easy to do. Just don't send any encampments into battle and keep them behind the wonderful safety of walls.

Alternate strategyEdit

Instead of building massive walls to barricade yourself in as discussed in this main walkthrough, you can also put up a more traditional defense against Lucius. This is harder and is detailed at this separate alternate strategy page.

Easy sidequest: The first sortieEdit

Marie wants you to create 1 small or large encampment and position it outside the City. Create it by left-clicking on your keep, picking it, then selecting the destination outside your city.

Now might be a good time to review the Combat guide, if you so desire, although this walk-though will tell you what you need to know to complete this chapter.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 building encampment

Build an encampment.

First tasksEdit

Before continuing on the quests, there's a few basic things to do.

Stonemason hutsEdit

First, build three stonemason's quarries, one at each of the stone deposits, along with a new market building at each. Make sure to do this because we're going to be using a huge amount of stone shortly.

Taxation ratesEdit

Next, increase your population's tax rates to yellow. Make sure you increase all four civilization level's taxes to yellow since there's no way to adjust them all at once.

Wood and ropesEdit

Also, build two or three new lumberjack's huts up north so you can have enough wood for new ships. It would be good to produce another rope production chain too (1 hemp plantation, 1 ropemaker's workshop).

A warshipEdit

Also, start building a new small warship, which you'll need for some naval based quests later on.

Once you start building it, also find the one weapon smithy that is currently asleep and put it back into action.

The same goes for the dormant toolmaker's workshop.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 dormantweaponstools

Dormant shops.

The first wallsEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 newwalls-part01

The first walls.

Now, start building your walls around your peasant and citizen houses. You won't be able to finish it since you'll run out of stone, but keep building it as you continue playing.

Tip: Remember you can put the wall building icon on the toolbar, plus you can use the Pipette mode to copy existing walls for easy new placement.

A chapelEdit

Now build a chapel in the upper area of your city where the patricians live. You do this because patricians actually need a church and a chapel to fully satisfy their faith need.

So building a chapel will increase your tax revenue from them. A good place to build it is right next to your keep where the fountain is. Demolish it and build the chapel there.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 churchlocation

A good location.

Easy sidequest: The evacuationEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 peasant save theodore

Help Theodore!

As you're waiting for your new encampment to arrive at its destination, click on the warehouse on the southeastern island on your mini-map. A peasant will ask to be picked up and taken to your city. Send your ship to do so.

Tip: Again, remember you can hot-key your ship using Ctrl-1 when selected.

Note that around the 5 minute mark Lucius will start capturing this island, at which point this sidequest will automatically start and Theodore will ask for help, at which point you'll have the remaining 5 minutes to finish the sidequest.

Warning: If you don't rescue the peasants before Lucius's first attack on your city, this sidequest will fail.

Easy sidequest: CommandEdit

Marie wants you to inspect your new encampment. Do so by left-clicking on it.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 inspect encampment

Inspection complete.

Easy sidequest: Defending the homelandEdit

Marie knows Lucius will attack at the southern coast. She wants you to move your troops there to stall his attack. Move your encampment to the clearing to the south right by your harbor.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 southern encampment

Southern location.

Relocating productionEdit

You'll get some quests about this later, but you might notice your cider farms and hemp plantations are dangerously close to the harbor where Lucius will land. If you want to be proactive, relocate these buildings to the very north of your island where there's room.

Easy sidequest: MobilisationEdit

Build two more encampments and locate them at the southern area by the harbor.

TIP: build them not too far from the fisherman's huts, so you don't have to move the encampments when it's already too late!

Building more wallsEdit

And the wall building continues as you enclose about a half of your houses with walls. Notice you should leave a gap down the center so your encampments can get through to the south area. This gap will be filled in and demolished a number of times when we need to temporarily let our troops through.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 newwalls-part02

More walls.

Easy sidequest: Repair workEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 brokenwalls

The broken walls.

Marie will eventually give you this quest where the existing walls will inexplicably be knocked down suddenly. She asks you to repair them.

Do this, despite the fact that we are building new bigger and better walls already.

Sailing the worldEdit

While you're completing quest for Marie, sail your flagship and hopefully newly built small warship (you did start building one, right?) around the map to explore. Specifically, explore directly east of your island. There you'll find more peasants trapped in a cove by Lucius, which will start the next sidequest.

Medium sidequest: In terrible distressEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

Yves the Peasant is stuck! Destroy the two small warships guarding his ship! Note on hard these two ships are hard to beat if you attack them together. You can actually just approach and attack only one ship if you keep your distance from the other.

Then for the next ship, attack with your ship with full health first so it will draw the attack. Then bring in your second. This way you won't lose either of your ships. If you do lose a ship, build a replacement. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 yvesthepeasant

Location of Yves.

Yves will give you his ship after you defeat the two enemy ships. Now sail your damaged ships back to get repaired at your harbor, although do it quickly before Lucius attacks.

Tip: You have the entire chapter to finish this sidequest, so you don't have to rush it.

Easy sidequest: Escape with difficultiesEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

Sail a ship directly south of your settlement. You'll see a reef with another broken ship with peasants on board. They need 10t tools and 10t rope to repair the ship. Bring them these supplies.

Tip: You have the entire chapter to finish this sidequest, so you don't have to rush it.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 peasant help jacques

Jacques panics.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 peasant jacques saved

Jacques saved!

Easy sidequest: Defence from aboveEdit

Watchtowers are fun. They're built directly into existing walls. They'll attack anything within their line of sight, anything hostile that is. Build three of them. However, build them on your new walls, not the old walls that won't see much fighting.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 tower defense

Building a tower.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 so many towers

Southern tower defense!

Easy sidequest: Troop suppliesEdit

Produce 10t provisions. Provisions are a little strange in how they work. If you have any available in your storehouses on an island, injured military units will automatically use them to heal themselves.

Select your provision house, which is on the far east of your island, and produce 10t. In fact, keep producing a few more provisions for your troops.

Tip: If you ever attack another island, make sure to load a ship with provisions and unload them once you establish a beachhead warehouse on the island you're attacking. This way your troops can heal quickly as they continue to take the rest of the island.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 provisionshouse

Location of provisions house.

More wall building before the first attackEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 newwalls aroundciderandhemp

Many walls.

The first attack should be about to happen. Now is the last time to build walls. Enclose your cider and hemp buildings with walls.

Tip: If you want more of challenge, don't enclose all this with walls. Then it will be more of a real desperate fight.

Medium quest: The baptism of fireEdit

Now that Lucius has attacked it's time to go get your troops killed, err, kill the enemy! Send them to attack the enemy. If you get low on health, remember to make sure provisions are in stock. You can check how many you have by looking at your warehouse's nobleman tab.

Tip: You must defeat the two enemy encampments that landed in order for this quest to complete. If you walled yourself in, you need to demolish a small section and send your troops to attack. Remember, if you're playing on hard and want to get the achievement for not losing any encampments, make sure none of your armies die!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 early fighting

Early fighting.

Walls to block troopsEdit

You can build small wall sections on the west and east side of your southern walls so that troops cannot sneak by. See the following two screenshots.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 newwalls-west impassable
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 newwalls-east impassable

Easy sidequest: Fisherman's hutsEdit

Cardinal Lucius has taken over the southern beach, so you need to relocate your fish production. Build three new huts up north just past your keep and city gates.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 new fishermanhuts

New fishers.

Hard sidequest: Noble privilegesEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 noble snobs

Protect Nobles, nobly.

Left-click on your market building right next to your keep. A nobleman will ask you to keep the fighting away from nobles. In this regard, your task is to provide permanent accommodations for 333 noblemen.

To successfully complete this quest, just make sure your main city defenses are never compromised--an easy task if you follow this guide's brilliant wall building strategies.

Easy sidequest: Iron rationsEdit

Marie wants to make sure you're well prepared for the battle ahead. She wants you to build 2 War machines workshops. They require wood and ropes, so you may want to build a few more lumberjack's huts. The game also suggests increasing your iron production so you can keep producing enough weapons. So build an extra iron production chain if you wish.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 war machines to build

Make war machines, not war?

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 war machines production

And it begins!

Easy sidequest: Divine visionsEdit

After Lucius destroys your warehouse, Marie tells you to build another one on the north coast behind the keep. Do so now. Also build a repair crane there to repair your damaged ships. A Pier is also advisable so your trading ships don't get backed up.

Tip: Around this time your stone deposits might dry up, which the game will notify you about. Click on a stone quarry and hit to replenish button to refill stone in the quarry. You can also hold 'Shift' while clicking to replenish and all stone quarries on the island will be refilled. This is extremely handy.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 rebuild warehouse

A new, shiny warehouse!

Medium sidequest: The eye of the enemyEdit

Eventually Marie will ask you to find 3 spies in the upper part of her city. They have a light blue outline around them. Zoom in to find them.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 marie i spy

Spiteful spies.

Easy sidequest: In the grip of BarnabasEdit

After you find the 3 spies, Barnabas will ask for them. Give them to him. He'll tell you Lucius has employed oriental miners to destory your city walls. He'll show you the two locations, which starts the next sidequest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 enhanced interrogation

Enhanced interrogation.


Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 oneoftheminercamps

A miner camp.

Lucius plants miners in a couple spots near your walls. They will dig under your walls and destroy them after a minute or two. You can click on the miner camps to see how long remains until they finish digging.

To destroy the mining camps, build a lot of watchtowers or fortified towers by the miner camps. You can't build them right next to the camps, but you can build them close enough to be in the area of attack of the towers.

Tip: You need 3 watchtowers build around each miners camp in order to destroy them before they dig under your walls.

Lucius gets angryEdit

Now Lucius will land a large number of transport boats at his beachhead, including two Trebuchet positions, which can knock down walls pretty quickly. Just make sure you've built multiple layers of walls. It will take them ages to get through them all.

However, the Trebuchets will be able to fire past the walls and destroy your market buildings, cider farms, and hemp plantations. So build new ones up north as the old ones are destroyed or rendered unproductive.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 trebuchets

More enemies.

Easy quest: A glimmer of hopeEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 al zahir sending message

Help us, Al Zahir Kenobi.

Marie realizes Lucius is too powerful, so she wants to send a ship to ask Al Zahir for help.

Transfer the message item from your warehouse to a ship and activate the message by left-clicking on it then clicking the checkmark button.

Now just wait for about 15 minutes until your rescue comes. Keep building new defenses and walls and finish any remaining sidequests.

Easy sidequest: Hemp plantationsEdit

Eventually Lucius will destroy your original hemp plantations. Marie will ask you to build 3 new ones up in the northwest. If you've already built three up there, the quest will automatically complete.

Tip: It's possible to do so well that Lucius never destroys them. If this happens you won't get all quests completed, so you want him to destroy them eventually.

Easy sidequest: Cider farmsEdit

Eventually Lucius will destroy your original cider farms. Marie will ask you to build 3 new ones up in the northwest. If you've already built three up there, the quest will automatically complete.

Tip: It's possible to do so well that Lucius never destroys them. If this happens you won't get all quests completed, so you want him to destroy them eventually. (Or you can demolish them yourself to start the quest.)

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 hemp cider rebuilt

Hemp and Cider, reborn!

Walls of non-penetrationEdit

Just for fun, here's two final pictures of the walls you can build to prevent Lucius from getting to your main city. This works so well that poor Lucius is virtually stuck. Again, this makes a difficult level very easy.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 newwalls thefinalwallmaze

Crazy wall maze.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 doingsowelltheyarestuck

They are stuck.

Easy quest: At the last secondEdit

When Al Zahir finally arrives, just accept his offer to board his ship. The chapter will then end, so hopefully you completed all the quests by now. Although you can just cancel his offer and keep playing in order to finish any quests, then when you're ready just click on his ship at the harbor.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 end oriental rescue

Deus ex machina?

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 end nobles aboard

Nobles aboard!

Ending in-game cutsceneEdit

Marie d'Artois is pleased to have escaped alive, and suggests that you report back to the Emperor immediately! Heinrich van Bergen and the remaining Inhabitants of the Town have been evacuated on Al Zahir's Ships. Cardinal Lucius sends his next wave of henchmen towards you. A furious Cardinal Lucius threatens you with revenge.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 endcutscene-01
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 endcutscene-02
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 endcutscene-03
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 endcutscene-04
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 endcutscene-05
Anno 1404-campaign chapter6 endcutscene-06

Campaign Quests ListEdit

Picture galleryEdit

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