Cannon foundry
Cannon foundry.png
Building details
Cost Gold coins 6000 · Wood 24 · Tools 15
Stone 30 · Glass 24
Maintenance (Inactive) Maintenance cost 100
Size 3 x 3
Produces Cannons
Production per minute 1 ton
Prerequisite Nobleman 950 noblemen
Optimal build Iron 1 Iron smelter and Wood 2 Lumberjack's huts for every 1 Cannons Cannon foundry

This building requires iron and wood and produces cannons. As wood is a building material, it might be wise to make sure the Cannon Foundry's area of influence does not incorporate any market buildings, but instead depends on Lumberjack's huts in the immedeate vicinity.

Cannons are critical for building the most powerful Navy since they are required for the Large warship. Cannons are also used to create Cannon position, which excel at long range firepower

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