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  • Afra1990

    thomas sabo is well-known to the attraction series, i.e. charisma earrings. They permitted me to produce out this distinct issue about attraction bracelets. Specifically so amazing and bizarre regarding thomas sabo bracelets are you currently provide an possibility to select and select your own private charms to get clipped into the bracelet about the option.This essential German silver jewelry brand has its personal exceptional type. The thomas sabo australia Charisma club delivers 600 or maybe a much bigger designs of fine silver jewelry. This issue is several and distinct, it is comfortably worn on bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and many others. 59 new types of watches have been marketed this past year collectively while using amount f…

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  • Afra1990

    thomas sabo charms is seeking the best charms! Research for charms you merely truly like, or look for types who go and your other jewelry, such as your silver emerald earrings, or simply your sterling silver cubic zirconia diamond engagement rings. The modern world thomas sabo bracelets also make outstanding presents. Upfront to you create a thomas sabo sale for your would like record, be sure that you might have made the decision throughout the exceptional form generated by bracelet and clasp available for you personally.One unique section of charms is called your children club. They're for youngsters and tweens. Your children can cause their very own individual style at the same time. There are special bracelets and necklaces which were …

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  • Afra1990

    July 12, 2012 in Shanghai, China, the renowned German silver jewelry brand cheap thomas sabo held in happiness Terminal HAVEN, the 2012 autumn and winter conference.This, THOMAS SABO addition to offer the "Dance of the charm and soul" as the theme of the 2012 autumn and winter the STERLING SILVER family (SPECIAL ADDITION, CLASSIC, REBEL AT HEART, and SEASONAL) outside, also brought unexpected surprise - brand diamonds into sterling silver jewelry and gold elements created and filled with deep love the new SWEET DIAMONDS series. Day of the event, MO small chess went to the site of the famous actor, with more than 60 well-known media from Shanghai to experience the new THOMAS SABO create.In addition to the first attempt to sweet SWEET DIAMON…

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  • Mardikene

    Leif Jorgensen

    June 16, 2010 by Mardikene

    I love this game. I just defeated my first opponent Leif Jorgensen.

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  • TomekO

    hi post

    March 19, 2010 by TomekO

    hi ALL ! :)

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  • Theodosius

    This wiki seems to have just been started.  So, I thought I'd add some content.  I'll work as heavily as possible on ships and all aspects of shipping.  After that, I'll focus on special items (crew members, sails, tariffs, etc), the harbor system, the achievement menu.  If I'm still going after that, I'll see what I can do about the special NPC like the treasure hunter, alchemist, etc.

    Finally, I really want to see a tables with rates of consumption and production for houses and plants.  I think it's a lot more useful than the number of houses supported per plant.

    If anyone wants to beat me to any of this, feel free.  I'm not claiming dibs--just laying out a plan.

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