Anno 1404 Venice

The add-on "Anno 1404: Venice" was released in North America February 25, 2010, for download only.[1]

The game was released in Europe on PC-DVD with a recommended price of €20,00.

Anno 1404: Venice FeaturesEdit

1. Online multiplayer mode featuring competitive and cooperative play.

2. A new Venetian culture that allows you to:

  • Build two new Venetian ships: the small and big tradesman cog
  • Develop secret cabals, infiltrate your enemies and sabotage their expansion
  • Take control of enemy cities by influencing the cities’ council board

3. A totally new computer trading partner, Giacomo Garibaldi. For more specifics, see Giacomo's page.

4. Up to 60 new items and 300 new quests with two new features: trading race and ship boarding.

5. A new type of island, the Volcano island.

6. New achievements, medals, and crests.

7. Use spies protect your cities from other players spies or even send them to other player's islands to wreak havoc there.

8. Buy seats in the island councils to take over other player's islands.

9. 15 new scenarios using the new Venice features.

10. New beautification buildings, like the Manorial palace.


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2. Long descriptive reivew at Gamespot, March 9, 2010

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