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Achievements in Anno 1404 are acknowledgments of player skill and effort. They offer no practical in-game benefits but do provide bragging rights and gems.

Achievement attained icon

When you unlock an achievement the game displays a message with the icon shown on the left and you're rewarded with gems, which you can use to purchase bonus content, including ornamental structures, portraits, colors, and coats of arms for your player profile.

There are 206 achievements in total in the original game, and an additional 110 achievements in the "Venice" add-on, divided into five categories:

  1. Diplomacy achievements (44 original achievements + 24 Venice achievements )
  2. Setup achievements (28 original achievements + 16 Venice achievements)
  3. Economy achievements (50 original achievements + 24 Venice achievements)
  4. Military achievements (36 original achievements + 14 Venice achievements)
  5. General achievements (48 original achievements + 32 Venice achievements)

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