Difficulty levelsEdit

Anno 1404-campaign difficulty chapter1

Chapter 1 difficulty levels. Click to enlarge.

Beginning narrationEdit

"Everything is so much clearer and obvious in hindsight. An illusion, as God moves in mysterious ways. Who would have thought that of all people, the one person who in ... Anno Domini 1404 ... took possession of their Fiefdom, situated in a minor Province of the Empire would soon be mentioned in the same breath as the greatest heroes of our times."

Starting in-game cutsceneEdit

Lord Richard Northburgh greets you with a very worried look and reports that the emperor has been struck down with a mysterious illness. He wants to build a huge Cathedral to entreat God for the Emperor's recovery, and needs your help to do so. Despite all his worries, Lord Richard Northburgh wants to help you and will give you some good advice while you are expanding your own Settlement. To start with, he suggests that you provide supplies for your Population.


Mission goal: Profession of FaithEdit

Build a Chapel with at least 8 Peasant houses in its Influence area.

This is a short and simple chapter where you'll learn the basics of Anno 1404.

Important: At the end of the mission, don't build your chapel until you've finished every quest; completing it will end the mission.

Easy quest: The Emperor's Seal bearerEdit

Simply click on Northburgh's Flagship off the coast of your new settlement.

Easy quest: The heart of the SettlementEdit

Lord Northburgh grants you control over your own private island. He tells you to look at your marketplace. Simply click on the marketplace.

Easy quest: Safe as HousesEdit

Build three peasant houses with road connections to the marketplace.

Easy quest: Among Crates and ShelvesEdit

Simply click on your Warehouse.

Easy quest: The essential Building materialEdit

Build two Lumberjack's huts and connect them to your warehouse. Ideally, these huts should always be built in open areas and have as little roads going through their area as possible.

Easy quest: War on hungerEdit

Build two Fisherman's huts on the beach and connect them to your warehouse.

Unranked sidequest: Helper in times of needEdit

To purchase tools, simply click on Northburgh's Small trading ship anchored just down and to the left of your warehouse, and click the check-mark in the upper-right dialogue box.

Note: This quest will go away after completing the next quest, so click on his ship and purchase tools before that. However, this quest is one of very few that don't count toward your Points total, so you can safely skip it, although there's no reason to.

Easy quest: Wood for the Imperial cathedralEdit

Keep producing wood for a few moments and Northburgh will prompt you to complete the quest.

Easy quest: A floating giftEdit

Click on the small trading ship with the arrow pointing at it right next to your warehouse.

Easy quest: With Sextant and Spy-glass IEdit

Left-click your new ship then right-click the Flotsam floating just a very short ways to the right of your ship. Your ship will sail over and automatically pick up the goods if you right-clicked directly on the Flotsam.

Note: now that you have a ship, it can be very helpful to create a hotkey for the ship. With the ship selected hold Ctrl and press 1 to make Ctrl-1 a shortcut for your ship. You can also use the default keyboard shortcut (Tab) for toggling through ships.

Easy quest: With Sextant and Spy-glass IIEdit

With your ship still highlighted, right-click on your warehouse. When your ship is in front of it, left-click on the tools under the ship's name to load them into your warehouse.

Easy quest: Check the StorageEdit

Lord Northburgh will then explains a mining island in the south needs ten tons of fish. In the warehouse inventory window in the bottom-right corner of your screen, you should see wood, tools, and fish.

Easy quest: To work!Edit

Left-click on the fish; this will load ten tons of fish onto your boat.

Easy quest: Fish on the tableEdit

With your boat highlighted and loaded with fish, look at your mini-map on the left bottom of your screen. Right-click the water just off the north coast of the southern island to send your ship there.

Medium sidequest: The missing CargoEdit

While your ship is in transit to deliver the fish, Lord Northburgh will tell you that he lost cargo in the water between your island and the mining outpost. You will see three flashing red circles on the mini-map; that's where the cargo is. Change direction of your ship and go pick up the Flotsam, although you could proceed to complete the current quest first, but it's quicker to pick up the flotsam immediately.

If you missed seeing the flashing red circles, you can also hover your mouse over the quest icon on the icon bar on the left side of the screen and a red circle will briefly appear on the mini-map. This is very useful for see where you need to go next for quests.

Campaign screenshots Page 07 Image 0002

Collect the 3 pieces of lost cargo.

Easy quest: More Peasant housesEdit

Build 6 more peasant houses around your marketplace. Be sure to connect them to the marketplace using roads, although this technically isn't necessary to fulfill this quest.

Note: now that you've built enough peasant houses, you'll shortly be able to build the chapel. So it's technically possible to finish the entire chapter at this point. However, if you want to get all the Points possible by completing all quests, do not build the chapel yet!

Easy quest: A worthy outcomeEdit

Northburgh will take the fish and give you a capital stone you must deliver to his main island, which is directly east of your own. Select your ship and right-click near his warehouse on the mini-map.

Easy sidequest: Averting dangerEdit

Lord Northburgh will also ask you to map reefs to the southwest and southeast. Return to the crescent-shaped island and stop your ship right off the coast until the game tells you the island has been successfully mapped. Then head to the map's southeast corner. The reef you're looking for is directly east of the mining island. After the second island is mapped, sail around and collect the cargo floating in the water; there should be four flotsam to collect, each containing 2 wood. Then return to Lord Northburgh's warehouse.

Again, remember hovering your mouse over the quest icon on the left is very, very useful to pinpoint where to sail your ship on the mini-map.

Hard sidequest: Where is the Master builder?Edit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

This quest is missable and possibly one of the most commonly missed quests. The game doesn't give you any indication how to start this quest, but you actually just need to click on the imperial cathedral foundation being built in Northburgh's city.

Campaign screenshots Page 06 Image 0002

Click on the the imperial cathedral construction site for your first hidden (side) mission.

Campaign screenshots Page 07 Image 0001

Lord Northburgh is looking for the master builder, who is asleep next to the golden statue.

After clicking on the foundation, Lord Northburgh will tell you his master builder has gotten drunk and disappeared. He is asleep next to a big gold statue under two trees right across the street from the northwest side of the build site.

Mission completionEdit

Chapel icon
Now that you've completed all the side-quests, you can simply build your chapel in your settlement. Notice the area of influence when you build it.

Make sure you build it very close to the heart of your settlement so all your peasant houses are covered by it. When placing the chapel notice any house that turns green will be covered by it, and the large bright circle is the entire area of influence.

Campaign screenshots Page 08 Image 0001

Area of influence.

Note that you could continue playing this mission and build cider farms and expand, but it's pointless since your settlement doesn't carry over to the next chapter, but rather the game starts you with its own version of your settlement next chapter.

Ending in-game cutsceneEdit

An exuberant Lord Richard Northburgh tells you that, thanks to your help, the first phase of the Construction work on the Imperial cathedral has been completed. He suddenly notices a Small fleet approaching. Guy Forcas appears and by order of The Church of Cardinal Lucius, Forcas announces a Crusade against the Orient and asks all those present for their unconditional support.


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Campaign Quests ListEdit

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