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Difficulty levelsEdit

Anno 1404-campaign difficulty chapter5

Chapter 5 difficulty levels. Click to enlarge.

Beginning narrationEdit

"Huge Warships drove their inexorable way southwards, heedless of the stormy Seas. Marie d'Artois stood at the stern of the Flagship. Straight and tall, Cardinal Lucius' red Banner clenched firmly in her fist. It was she whom Guy Forcas had assigned to command the Fleet vanguard. A clever move. The Knights and Seamen worshiped Marie as a saint, for in her presence all were free of any doubt and fear. It would not be long before the Crusaders, armed to the teeth, would land on the shores of the Orient. The world teetered on the brink of disaster."

Starting in-game cutsceneEdit

Marie d'Artois warns that further attacks will follow until Cardinal Lucius and Guy Forcas arrive with the massed forces of the Crusader army. Feverish with excitement, she issues the command to attack Al Zahir's Harbour. A horrified Grand Vizier Al Zahir attempts to withstand Marie d'Artois's attack.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 startcutscene-01
Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 startcutscene-02
Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 startcutscene-03
Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 startcutscene-04
Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 startcutscene-05
Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 startcutscene-06

Mission goal: Shoulder to shoulderEdit

Help Al Zahir to defend against the Crusader army.


This chapter introduces higher level patricians and beginning noblemen. It also features full scale naval combat, particularly at the end of the chapter.

Tip: This chapter starts off sounding very urgent, but in reality there's only a few quests that involve fighting where you have to quickly act. The rest of the time you can take your time building your settlement.

Easy quest: Leather specialist wantedEdit

In order to produce leather jerkins, 690 patricians are required. Build about 8 new houses and wait a short while. Remember to increase the tax sliders for all three classes to yellow after your city has grown enough! Always remember to do this or you'll lose out on lots of money!

As a side note, beggars will almost immediately request permission to stay in your city. It's advisable to take them since they allow more inhabitants to ascend to higher classes. Just be sure to build an alms house for them. Please read the beggar section of the population page for detailed information about beggars.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 beginning beggars

Beggars arrive.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 leather production enabled

Leather unlocked.

Easy quest: Salvation of the innocentEdit

Shortly into the chapter, Marie attacks, and Al Zahir asked you to rescue some date pickers.

Send a ship and pick them up, which starts the next quest.

Tip: Now might be a good time to set up hot-keys and your tool-bars.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir date pickers

Save the date...pickers.

Medium quest: Deliver the Date pickersEdit

Take the date pickers to Al Zahir.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir date pickers delivery

Date pickers saved.

Medium quest: Leather jerkin manufactureEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 northern island for jerkins

Northern island.

Al Zahir informs you how to produce leather jerkins. You need to settle the island up to the northeast and build a charcoal burner, salt mine, salt works, pig farm with 4 pastures, and a tannery on a river. Also build a few lumberjack's huts and a stone quarry for later use.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 northern island jerkins complete production

Jerkins production chain.

Tip: Before sailing your ship up north, see what building materials will be needed for all the buildings mentioned above and be sure to load up as many materials as possible before sailing north.

Medium quest: The eyewitness reportEdit

After a while Al Zahir will tell you he has compiled a report of Forcas's child trafficking. Sail to his warehouse and pick up the report.

Easy quest: The Grand vizier's hopeEdit

Deliver the report to Marie. You can read it by left-clicking on it if you wish. Once delivered, Marie will get upset and not believe the report, which leads to the next quest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir report to deliver

The report.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 marie report delivery

The delivery.

Medium quest: Relief supplies for Al ZahirEdit

By now you should be producing enough leather jerkins to take 8t of them to Al Zahir. Al Zahir also recommends you set up a permanent trade route transporting leather jerkins to your main settlement. Do so now and also build a new small trading ship to replace the one you're putting on this route.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir jerkins delivery

Fresh jerkins here!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 trade route jerkins

Jerkins route.

Medium quest: Risky new beginningsEdit

Al Zahir gives you an Oriental island. However, it's losing a lot of money and has no Bazaar. Sail a ship to the settlement that is loaded with wood and tools.

Build a Bazaar and some small norias so the existing date plantations can function. Build two new goat farms as well. Note that you don't need to demolish the derelict nomad houses (despite what the quest log tells you) because they will upgrade after a while of having access to the Bazaar.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 western island derelict city

The derelict city.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 western island rebuilt

A city rebuilt.

You will be given a "Noble appreciation" item for completing this quest, which will be stored in your warehouse Strong room by default. It is very important that you take this item to Al Zahir's harbor to offer as a gift. This will allow you to gain a higher diplomatic rank, which allows you to build several new buildings that will be very important for later quests.

Tip: During the campaign, always be sure to give the diplomatic scrolls items to Al Zahir, otherwise you'll be locked out of building new oriental buildings and unable to complete all the quests properly.

Easy quest: A suspicious wreckEdit

A suspicious wreck has been spotted. Sail your ship to the spot and grab the flotsam, if you haven't already. You'll find "The Corsair captain's Logbook." Al Zahir will ask you to take this logbook to his friend Ibn al Hakim, which starts the next quest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 forcas reef1

Forcas flees.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 forcas reef2

Move in closer.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 forcas reef3

A logbook!

Easy quest: The LogbookEdit

While your new Oriental settlement is continuing to grow, send a ship with the logbook to Ibn al Hakim's island. This will start a quest to help Hakim translate the book. We'll do this quest after finishing a few others.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 hakim logbook delivery

Logbook for Hakim.

Medium quest: Support for the refugeesEdit

Once things are up and running in your Oriental settlement Al Zahir wants food and drink for his refugees. Deliver 10t dates and 10t milk to his warehouse.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir food for refugees

Help the refugees.

Medium sidequest: Small warshipsEdit

Al Zahir wants 3 small warships built. You start the chapter with one weapon smithy building, so by now you'll probably have enough tools for two small warships. To get the extra tools for the third, you can wait a while, or you can build a new weapons production chain (and then sell the extra weapons for the rest of the chapter). Also build a hemp farm and additional ropeyard if you wish to speed up the process.

This quest might take some time to complete since weapons production is quite slow. You could even pause the toolmaker's workshops and build another weapon smithy if you wanted.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir three warships complete

Warships three.

Medium quest: Specialist requiredEdit

Still needing to translate the logbook, Al Zahir informs you that your city needs to grow before someone who can create paper for the translation will move into your city. You need to grow your city to 940 patricians. So lower the tax rate to dark green on the peasant and citizen houses. Put the patricians taxes at light green so new patricians will move in but you'll get more taxes than the unnecessarily low dark green taxation level.

Build a new marketplace perhaps to the northeast and build about 15 more peasant houses. Also build a few lumberjack huts elsewhere on your island and one or two more fisherman's huts, a new linen garments production chain, and two or three more cider farms to support the expanding population.

Tip: You may wish to purchase wood and tools from Brother Hilarius if you get low and impatient.

After enough patricians move in, raise the tax rate to yellow again on all three inhabitant levels.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 hilarius buying goods from

Buying from Hilarius.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 city paper mill available

Paper now producible!

Medium sidequest: Preservation of knowledgeEdit

Once your three warships are done, Hakim will ask you to send them to his harbor. Upon doing so Marie will attack and you'll have to destroy her ship. It's possible to have her ship destroy Hakim's warehouse, which will make you unable to complete the chapter, but it takes a long time for her single ship to destroy his warehouse. Only a very, very bad player would let this happen.

Marie's attacks on Hakim will continue shortly so now is a good time to build a repair crane at your oriental settlement and send damaged ships there to be repaired (you also already have a repair crane at your occidental settlement). Just be careful sending ships alone because Marie will send a lot of ships and you can easily lose all yours if your fleet is dispersed.

After destroying the three waves of attackers, Hakim will give you a "Princely attention" scroll that you should take to Al Zahir.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 hakim defending

Defend poor Hakim!

Tip: Be sure to pick up the items in crates that the destroyed ships drop in the water. These items make your ships more powerful.

Medium sidequest: Paper productionEdit

Now that you can build paper mills, Al Zahir will ask you to start paper and indigo production. Start by building 1 paper mill and 2 new lumberjack's huts on your northern island. Change your trade route so it picks up paper and transports it to your main settlement in addition to leather jerkins.

Also build 1 or 2 indigo farms with fields in your oriental settlement. If you can't build indigo farms, it's because you haven't given Al Zahir any of the two diplomatic scrolls you've received so far in this chapter. Find them and give them to him to increase your diplomatic rank.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 northern island paper mill

Paper mill up north

Tip: Create a new trade route to transport indigo to your home settlement. You'll need this in order to make books for the next sidequest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 trade route paper

Paper route.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 western island indigo

Indigo production.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 trade route indigo

Indigo route.

Medium quest: The transcriptionEdit

As you may have previously noted, Hakim asked for 5t paper and 5t indigo, which you've been working hard to get for him. Now load up said goods and sail to Hakim so he can start his transcription of the logbook.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 hakim translation goods

Put ink-digo to paper.

Medium quest: The wreck in the desertEdit

Now that you've given Hakim his goods and he's translated the logbook, the next two quests from Hakim start which involve sailing to two locations and trying to find two important items. For this first quest, Hakim tells you of a shipwreck in the desert. Send your ship near the desert shipwreck and then click on the wreckage.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 desert 01

Forcas retreats again.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 desert 02

Shipwreck found.

Medium quest: Buried in the sandEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 desert 03

Grab the crates.

Now that you've found the shipwreck, you need to find where the "Copper key" has been scattered on the island. Left-click on all the crates in the sand to find the right one. There are five crates in total.

Be sure to take the other items you find in the crates as well. In two crates you'll find items that speed up the production of war machines (you'll produce war machines for a later quest).

Tip: The special war machine production boosting items are items that can be socketed in any island warehouse, like the item you received in chapter 3 of the campaign. An occidental warehouse starts with only one slot but can have up to three total as you upgrade the warehouse. Remember, to socket an item for an island, move it into your strong room and then left-click it again. Note that if you transfer these items directly from a ship, they'll automatically be socketed if you have open sockets. Some items are passive and work immediately when socketed, others require activation and work for a certain period of time. You'll find many more special items like this as you play through the remaining campaign and in scenarios and continuous games.

Medium quest: The wreck on the Pearl reefEdit

Now sail to the reef in the southwest that Hakim told you about. When you get there, you'll see Forcas's ships all around the shipwreck. Send your ship near the shipwreck at the reef and then click on the wreckage. This will start several other quests.

Tip: Very shortly after completing this quest a new sidequest called "Missing!" will open up. Please read the very next quest section to avoid accidental starting this sidequest before you're ready for this quest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 reef search

Search the reef.

Hard sidequest: Missing!Edit

Al Zahir will ask you to sail to his southern island because Marie is attacking his warehouse. She won't actually start attacking until you sail close by, however, if you unknowingly sail too closely by Zahir's southern island, this sidequest will complete and the next one will start, which you can easily fail since Marie will start attacking his warehouse and you must very quickly destroy the ships or you will fail the quest. Do not sail by this island unless you have enough nearby warships! When you're ready send your fleet to his island to start the next sidequest.

Hard sidequest: To arms!Edit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

Marie attacks with two small warships. You must damage one of them enough that she retreats before Al Zahir's warehouse is destroyed.

Make sure you have a few military ships nearby for this quest or you might not be able to defend Al Zahir's warehouse and fail the quest.

Upon completion the sidequest will start, in which you'll take some of Al Zahir's people to safety.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir blockade

Marie's two ships.

Medium sidequest: Evacuation of refugeesEdit

Al Zahir asks you to transport the "Goatherds" to his main harbor. They should have been automatically loaded into a nearby ship when you accepted the quest. Sail them to Zahir's habor to complete the sidequest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir goatherds delivery

Goatherds be saved.

Main quest on holdEdit

You'll notice the next main quest involves building war machines. As the quest log indicates, you need noblemen for this. Therefore, you now need to build up your main settlement quite a bit before proceeding. In the process of growing your city, you'll also open up the following few sidequests, and finally be able to complete the 10t Bibles (Books) request from Hilarius that's been in your quest log for a while now. Speaking of which...

Medium sidequest: Solace in dark timesEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 hilarius bibles

Request for Bibles.

As stated above, Brother Hilarius wants 10t books. Books are produced by building a printing house in your main city, which requires paper and indigo. However, a printing house also requires glass, which you have yet to learn how to produce, most likely. The game will have some sidequests to teach you how to produce glass once you reach 1,190 patricians.

Therefore, expand your settlement by building enough houses so that you have 1,190 patricians (48 patrician houses or so). This leads into the next two sidequests. You'll come back to finish this sidequest shortly.

Tip: As your city grows be sure to keep expanding all your production chains and watch your people's needs to determine what is lacking. For instance, you'll notice you most likely need to build another tavern to cover the new city area you've developed.

Tip: A great way to see what needs goods aren't being produced enough, click on your warehouse or any market building. Notice if the supply is very high or low. Check back 15 seconds later to see if the quantity has gone up or down.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 tavern location

New tavern.

Note, the above tip only works for goods you produce on the island because goods you transport via trade routes will naturally keep going down and then jump up when new shipments arrive rather than be a constant production. You can still compare trade route goods by taking note of the level each time a ship drops off a load. If it's going down each time you aren't producing enough.

Medium sidequest: GlassworksEdit

This quest starts when you've reached 1,190 patricians, which you hopefully just now reached. At 1,190 patricians develop a need for security and the debtor's prison building unlocks. Hilarius asks you to build the prison in another sidequest he gives you at this same time. That sidequest will be done shortly.

For this sidequest, Hilarius explains to build a forest glassworks, which produces potash and can be built on any fertile grounds, and to get access to quartz, which is a southern island natural resource.

For the quartz, you need to find an island that has it as a raw mineral. Fortunately, your oriental settlement has two quartz sources. So build one or two quartz quarries near the quartz resource, much like you do for the stone resource. Then modify your existing indigo trade route to add quartz to it. If you haven't set up the indigo trade route already, set up a new trade route that takes indigo and quartz from your oriental settlement to your occidental settlement (you built indigo farms in the prior sidequest).

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 western island quartz

Quartz is here.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 trade route quartz

Shipping quartz.

Tip: If you find yourself unable to build quartz quarries since the icon is grayed out, this means you didn't give Al Zahir all the diplomatic items you received as quest rewards. Find all of them by searching your ships and warehouse strong rooms. If you can't find them or they otherwise were lost due to perhaps throwing them overboard, then you'll have to purchase quartz directly from Grand Vizier Al Zahir. An effective way to do this is to create or modify a trading route so that your ship stops by Al Zahir and buys the quartz then drops it off at home. You set this up just like you would do so with the prior trade routes you've used.

Now build a glass smelter on your main island to produce glass. This completes this quest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 glass smelters operational

Smeltin' glass.

Finishing sidequest: Solace in dark timesEdit

Once 10t glass is produced, build a printing press. As far as the goods required for books, you have indigo being delivered via a trade route and you should already have the paper being delivered on a trade route as well. You might need to deny your patricians access to books so you can accumulate 10t books for Hilarius. After you've completed the quest, cancel the denial of books if you denied them.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 books denied

No reading!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 hilarius bibles finally

Bibles, finally.

Medium sidequest: Send them to the Tower!Edit

As already stated, Hilarius wants a debtor's prison built. It costs 7,000 gold and a lot of other resources like stone and glass, so you might need to save up or sell some surplus goods to Al Zahir. Place the prison centrally to maximize coverage. You'll have to demolish some roads and houses to make room.

Tip: The fountain by the church is a good location to demolish since it serves no purpose, unless you like pretty settlements. Or you can demolish a single house by chapel to the south of the church. See the screenshot.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 hilarius debtors prison request

Incarcaration needed.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 debtors prison

Prison placement.

Medium quest: Aid from the OrientEdit

Now you should only have Al Zahir's two quests to complete. He wants you to produce war machines to fight Forcas. In order to build a war machines workshop, you need Noblemen.

Noblemen are the highest type of civilization class in the Occident. To get them to arrive, you'll need to fulfill all patrician needs so they are very well satisfied. You should be lacking just one patrician need: beer.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 patricians only lack beer

Only need beer.

Producing beerEdit

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 beer production chains


Beer requires a monastery brewery, which subsequently requires herbs and wheat to produce beer. Fortunately, your main island has herbs and wheat fertilities, since the game is making life easy for you. Just build a beer production chain or two.

Tip: Remember to refer to this production chain page if you ever forget the details of a particular production chain.

Boosting existing needsEdit

You also might need to build additional linen garment chains, bread chains, and another leather jerkins chain if you keep running out of these goods. Click on any patrician house to check their needs and see if any aren't fully satisfied. If you didn't do the Books sidequest, you'll need to follow that quest in order to provide books to your patricians.

Tip: If you're low on money, which you will most likely be if you're playing on hard, you can always sell excess goods to Al Zahir. Remember you can set up passive selling at your warehouse or actively sell goods by loading them up and sailing them to Al Zahir's port and selling the goods. You probably have a lot of tools, ropes, and weapons you can sell for a lot of gold.

Obtaining noblemenEdit

First, make sure you have enough total patrician houses (49) so that noblemen can move in. You'll have enough if you already completed the debtor's prison sidequest. You can check by going to the "Population pyramid" screen by left-clicking on your marketplace. See if the noblemen icon shows available houses. If it says "0/0" then you need more patricians, which might consequently require more citizens, which requires more peasants...get the pyramid concept? More upper level requires more and more lower level.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 noblemen arrive

Noblemen arrive.

Tip: Remember, each class can only ascend when all their needs are very well satisfied.

Tip: Now that you have noblemen living in your city, Hilarius offers slightly different goods for sale. For instance, you can now buy glass directly from Hilarius if you prefer. This is faster than producing your own, although you should have enough by now. But if you have the gold to spare just click on the monastery and buy the glass.

Tip: A clever way to get higher class inhabitants to move in is to temporarily deny goods to the lower class to build up a stock pile and then cancel all denials so your people can reach the very well satisfied level temporarily and ascend class. It also is helpful to turn off automatic ascension rights and manually ascend houses as soon as they are ready (open the "Population pyramid" by clicking on the marketplace and then click each class level as they are able to ascend). This trick works best when you just slightly aren't producing enough goods to very well satisfy your people.

Using the above tip, you might find you're just barely not producing enough goods to keep the needs fully met. Just deny access to bread, leather jerkins, and books for several minutes to build up a stockpile. Then enable these goods again and this way your patricians will momentarily be very well satisfied as they use up the stockpile. Now manually ascend these people to noblemen by denying ascension rights.

Building war machinesEdit

Now you're finally ready to build a war machines workshop. Do so and wait for 10t war machines to be produced. Take them to Al Zahir to complete the quest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir war machines

The machines of war.

Hard quest: Battle at the Pearl reefEdit

Completing the prior quest resulted in you now owning five Large Oriental warships! Send your entire military fleet to the reef to destroy Forcas's ships.

Tip: You could use some of your honor points to build special items from Al Zahir to boost your ships traits, although it's not as necessary unless you're playing on hard.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 reef attack 01


Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 reef attack 02

Search the flotsam.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 reef attack 03

Strongbox acquired.

Tip: Remember, you can set a hot-key like Ctrl-3 for your five new Large Oriental warships for easy access. This is very helpful in battle because it's always best to attack one ship only and destroy it before attacking another, so after each ship you destroy, reselect your ships (using hot-keys) and attack another single ship with all of them.

Once all the ships are destroyed pick up the Iron Strongbox and also the other crates which contain ship items. Note that Marie will start attacking you now every so often.

Hard quest: Guy Forcas's secretEdit

Now that you have both the Iron Strongbox and Copper key, you can take these both to Al Zahir to complete this quest.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir box and key delivery

Have a box and key.

Easy sidequest: Under the White flagEdit

Hearing that you plan to confront Marie with the news that Forcas was working with the Corsairs, Brother Hilarius offers you a "White flag" to allow you safe passage to Marie. Just click on the monastery to get the item.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 hilarius white flag

Don't shoot!

Hard quest: Indisputable evidenceEdit

Sail the ship with the Corsair Treaty and the White flag to Marie's harbor. Enable the White flag by clicking on it. Marie finally comes to her sense and joins you. You now take control of all her ships. Forcas will pursue and destroy many of your new ships. Regroup at your main island.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 marie corsair treaty delivery

Proof of devilish deeds.

Easy sidequest: More War machinesEdit

Deliver 4t War machines to Al Zahir to get one new Large Oriental warship. This quest is repeatable, so it's recommended to bring a large supply of War machines to get many ships to crush Forcas with.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir more war machines

War machines for warships.

Medium sidequest: Distress call to the SultanEdit

WarningSign This sidequest is easily missed and/or failed!
Be very careful to read the instructions so you complete it!

Before destroying Forcas's fleet and finishing the chapter, click on Al Zahir's warehouse. You must click on his warehouse because the game will not prompt you. He'll ask you to escort a ship that is being sent to the Sultan.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir sultan quest

Help us, Sultan!

To start the escort, sail a ship very close to his harbor and then he'll ask if you're ready to escort. As the quest log indicates, you can select your escort ships and then right-click on the ship to be escorted. This will make your ships follow the other ship. Use 2 to 4 ships to escort the ship.

Unlike all other escort missions, his ship will stop near the enemy, at which point you must destroy the enemy ships before the ship will continue sailing. Once the escort is safely away, the Sultan will give you a number of Large Oriental warships to aid you.

Tip: Escorting ships mostly works to protect them, although if enough enemy ships attack a ship with only a few escort ships, it can be destroyed. It's best to watch the escort from time to time since your ship AI isn't the best at defending sometimes.

Hard quest: The end of the CrusadeEdit

Go crush all of Forcas's ships. This shouldn't be too hard if you get 10 or so Large Oriental warships from the sidequest above. Destroying the final ship in Forcas's fleet will end the chapter, so be sure you've completed all sidequests by now.

Tip: You may notice your gold balance has become very negative. This is because all the extra ships you now control are taking large amounts of gold in maintenance costs. Don't take too long to finish this quest, otherwise you might go bankrupt once you hit -10,000 gold.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 big battle

A big battle!

Ending in-game cutsceneEdit

An embittered Guy Forcas finally has to admit defeat and vows that Cardinal Lucius will take revenge on you. The seriously wounded Marie d'Artois fears the confrontation with Cardinal Lucius and suggests retreating to her Island nearby, where her Fortress is located. When Cardinal Lucius arrives with the rearguard to find nothing but the remains of his Crusader fleet, he vows to pursue you relentlessly and destroy you.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 endcutscene-01
Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 endcutscene-02
Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 endcutscene-03
Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 endcutscene-04

Campaign Quests ListEdit